Vaccines for the 80-year-olds Just go to the gym and go to the Policampus

Vaccines for the 80-year-olds

Enough gym

if you go to the Policampus

Third phase Rossatti: “It is a fundamental moment. It is right to find a space to support the campaign”

The vaccination center in via Tirano, in Sondrio, closes with the De Simoni-Quadrio gym which returns to its original use, while, from now on, the headquarters of the anti Covid vaccinations will return to being the Policampus in via Tonale.

Owned by the Municipality of Sondrio so much so that, yesterday, it was Lorena Rossatti, councilor for Civil Protection of the capital municipality who, already in February, had taken action to open, at Policampus, the first extra vaccination center hospital of our province.

“This phase of the vaccination campaign is fundamental – underlines Rossatti -, and, as a municipal administration, we have made ourselves available to ensure our contribution and guarantee a space suitable for welcoming the over eighty-year-olds who will be given the third booster dose”.

It is precisely in conjunction with the start of Phase three of the anti Covid vaccination campaign, in fact, that the transition takes place, because it is since yesterday that those over 80, born from 1941 onwards, can book the third dose, as long as six months have passed. since the last administration, through the usual regional channels (portal, call center 800.894.545, Postamat, and postmen).

And starting from today, they will be able to undergo the actual puncture, accessing, with regard to the reality of Sondrio, the Policampus (today and Thursday, from 14 to 20, and Saturday, from 8 to 14.

On the other hand, with regard to the other realities, at the moment, and certainly until next Sunday, the Sondalo pole, the VI Morelli pavilion (Tuesday, from 14 to 20, and Sunday, from 8 to 14), the Morbegno exhibition center are active. (Wednesday and Friday, from 2pm to 8pm, and Sunday, from 8am to 2pm), and the Palestrone di Chiavenna (today, from 2pm to 8pm, and Saturday, from 8am to 2pm).

Currently closed, however, the vaccination center of Villa di Tirano.

Clearly, the vaccine poles are active for the benefit of the over 80, to receive the booster dose, but also for all those who are still facing the first vaccination cycle, and, therefore, receive, or the first vaccine administration, ever, or the second dose.

And, in view of October 15, when the Green pass operation to access the workplace will be active, it is reasonable to expect a decent turnout, as, at the roll call, there are still 14,180 people missing, and that the last session , that of Friday, was very popular, for the period, with 475 first doses inoculated, in addition to the 77 on Saturday.

«We thank the Province for having granted the gym – concluded Rossatti – which, now, is back in use by students.

«Thanks also to the volunteers of the Civil Protection – concludes the commissioner – who have lent themselves to the preparation and the garrison. For them, the commitment in favor of the community continues also in the coming weeks, to guarantee support in the reception of the elderly and those who present themselves for vaccination ».


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