Bad weather today in the Center-North and weather warnings in several cities: here are which ones

Bad weather today in the Center-North and weather warnings in several cities: here are which ones
Bad weather today in the Center-North and weather warnings in several cities: here are which ones

Flooding in the Savona area, where a polling station has also been suspended. Closed schools in Genoa. In the two Ligurian cities the alert is red from 2 pm. In Genoa it will remain so until 6 am tomorrow morning. The Erro torrent, which also touches Piedmont, is flooded in some points. There are interventions of the fire brigade. Red warning from today also in the south-east of Piedmont and, from tomorrow, also in some areas of the north. Orange alert in the Apennine areas of Emilia-Romagna, also extended to tomorrow

A Monday of inconvenience in Piedmont and Liguria, due to bad weather, also announced by the Civil Protection with various weather warnings. At the moment, the areas most affected by intense rainfall and the swelling of watercourses (PHOTO) are the Savonese and Alessandria areas, with consequences on road traffic and various accidents. Trains on the Savona-Turin line suspended. At 2 pm the red alert went off also for the province of Genoa, where it will be until 6 am tomorrow morning, and for the province of Savona itself. In both Ligurian municipalities, schools are closed today. And in Savona, where the municipal elections are voted, a seat was suspended in the hamlet of Santuario, precisely because of the bad weather conditions. Red alert in the south-east of Piedmont already from today and, from tomorrow, also in the north, in the Alto Novarese and in the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, currently on orange alert. Three people overwhelmed by the enlargement of the Erro stream were saved by firefighters in the Alessandria area (THE FORECASTS).

The inconvenience due to bad weather in Liguria

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In the last few hours, according to Arpal data, rainfall has been very intense especially in the internal area of ​​the central area of ​​Liguria, that is behind Savona and Genoa. In Savona, the bridges have been closed to traffic as a precaution, some streets in the city are flooded: two have been closed to traffic. The Letimbro is enlarged and the Municipality reports some problems also on the road to the Sanctuary. The municipality of Pontinvrea was flooded due to the flooding of the Erro torrent. The Bormida, also in the Savona area, has also overflowed in three points, making some roads unusable and causing the closure of several provincial roads and the Sassello state road 334. The Anas teams and the police are present on site for the management of traffic and for the restoration of normal traffic. Closed the section of Autofiori between Ceva and the A6 / A10 Savona junction towards the junction with the A10 and the provincial 29 of Cadibona closed to traffic due to a landslide on the carriageway just before the urban center of Cadibona. In the province of Genoa, the section of the A26 between Masone and Ovada was temporarily closed due to some landslides due to heavy rain. Furthermore, in the Imperia area, the PalaBigauda Asl1 vaccination center was closed by the Municipality of Camporosso, where anti-Covid vaccinations are carried out. The situation in Altare is difficult, with landslides and flooded streets in the city center. Provincial road 5 closed to traffic. The Bormida di Spigno stream, in Ferrania, has passed the first guard level.

The circulation of trains between Savona and Turin has been suspended

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Rfi, the subsidiary of Ferrovie dello Stato that manages the railway infrastructure, in a note on the site informs that the circulation of trains on the Savona-Turin line via Ferrania and via Altare between the stations of Savona and San Giuseppe has been suspended, due to the formation of landslides affecting the railway site. Travelers are directed via Genoa / Turin. Trenitalia is reorganizing the service and has activated passenger assistance in Savona. The road conditions do not allow, at the moment, to activate a replacement bus service. This was communicated by the Liguria Region.

Accidents on Ligurian motorways

Bad weather has also caused several accidents along the Ligurian motorways. The first occurred on the A26 Genova-Gravellona Toce between Masone and Ovada and involved a Porsche Carrera that lost control by crashing into the guardrail: the car was destroyed while the driver was unharmed. On the A10 Genoa-Ventimiglia, at the junction for Serravalle, a car with four girls on board lost control and also in this case collided with the guardrail: three were hospitalized in red code, the most serious, and the fourth in yellow. On the A12 Genoa-Livorno, on the other hand, a rear-end collision between three cars inside the Apparizione tunnel between East Genoa and Nervi.

Red alert in Piedmont

The bad weather alert in Piedmont changes from orange to red in an area south-east of the Region, that of the Belbo and Bormida river basins. From tomorrow the Alto Novarese and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, now in the orange band, will also be in the same alarm range. Orange alert in the Tanaro Valley, between Cuneo and Alessandria, on the northern plain, in the Scrivia valley (Alessandria) and in the Sesia (Vercelli), Cervo (Biella) and Chiusella (Turin) valleys. The most intense phenomena are expected between today’s evening and tomorrow morning.

The inconveniences due to bad weather in Piedmont

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In the Alessandria area, traffic slows down on the A26 motorway towards Liguria. Arpa, the regional agency for the environment that today issued a yellow alert for the Alessandria area, reports 167.4 mm of rain from midnight to 8 this morning on the Acquese Apennines, on the border with Liguria . The level of the watercourses is increasing: on the Erro torrent, in the Acquese area, the Civil Protection has issued a notice of closure of the fords. “A flood of the ERRO is expected, which the Civil Protection is monitoring along its course until it reaches the Bormida”, explains the mayor of Acqui Terme, Lorenzo Lucchini.

Camper overwhelmed by the enlargement of the Erro, three people saved

Surprised by the sudden swelling of the Erro, three campers were rescued by firefighters in Melazzo, a municipality in the Erro Valley in the province of Alessandria near the confluence of the Bormida river. The camper was overwhelmed by the water of the Erro, which overflowed in the Savona area. Carabinieri and civil protection are also on site. For the critical issues related to the Erro and Bormida valleys, the Civil Protection has ordered the opening of the operational centers of Acqui Terme, Ovada, Cassine, as well as those of Alessandria and Castellazzo, for the criticalities related to the Erro and Bormida valleys. Underpass surveillance activated in the provincial territory. Traffic blocked in both directions due to flooding on the SS 456 del Turchino, near Ovada. Anas technicians are present on site to allow the restoration of the road system safely and in the shortest possible time.

Orange alert in Emilia-Romagna

The orange alert for thunderstorms and wind has also been extended to tomorrow, which has already been issued in the Apennine areas of Emilia-Romagna. Regional Civil Protection and Arpa let it be known that strong thunderstorms are expected in particular in the central-western areas of the region and on its western plains.

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