5 useful tips to cure our baby’s colic without using drugs

5 useful tips to cure our baby’s colic without using drugs
5 useful tips to cure our baby’s colic without using drugs

Colic is a problem that almost every parent has to face in the first months of their child’s life. There are two classic questions that every new father and every new mother have to ask a few weeks after giving birth. “Does the baby make you sleep?” “Do you have colic?”. The term of endearment is often used to make the matter more tender.

Often the two answers are related. There are children who associate the two problems making the first few months as parents not easy. Sometimes you are more fortunate and these problems touch only marginally. Today we know that, fortunately, it is not a real disease. So it does not necessarily require drugs. It is a disorder that affects newborns generally from the second to the fourth month of life. There is no scientific explanation. It is commonly thought that it is an accumulation of air in the intestine that causes the famous stomach ache. Babies will face it crying and fidgeting, often bending their legs to pop it out of their butt.

However, there is not enough scientific evidence on this. Another hypothesis is that linked to communication. These types of crying are nothing more than a way for babies to communicate their difficulties. Unfortunately, interpretation is never easy. Sometimes they can be signs of intolerance to breast milk. In this case it is advisable to contact the pediatrician immediately to change the diet.

5 useful tips to cure our baby’s colic without using drugs

What advice can you give to parents? The first is not to be impressed. By showing agitation in the child’s eyes, the child will feel even more unwell. Stress calls for additional stress and is not the best way to resolve the situation. On the contrary, you can try to communicate with the newborn, perhaps through songs to hum or simply by letting him listen to something relaxing. Trying to rock him, making him feel very pampered and relaxed is the simplest remedy.

Another tip is to change his position, placing him on his stomach on our hand, gently massaging his belly. By doing so, he will feel the heat and feel protection. Another tip is to take him for a ride in the car. Movement could make him fall asleep right away. Maybe let’s keep it as a last resort, to avoid spending the first months of his life in a car. The child may get used to and associate the ride in the car with the time of sleep. It would be better to avoid for the health of all family members.

Finally, the last of the 5 useful tips to cure our baby’s colic without using drugs is to dip a hickey in hot chamomile. The properties of this tea will soothe your little one. It is an effective and natural remedy, but be careful to abuse it, a few drops are more than enough.

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