Pandora Papers, there is also the “Putin’s lover”, owner of assets worth 100 million dollars –

Pandora Papers, there is also the “Putin’s lover”, owner of assets worth 100 million dollars –
Pandora Papers, there is also the “Putin’s lover”, owner of assets worth 100 million dollars –
from Fabrizio Dragosei

From student to millionaire, with off shore accounts. And a daughter who looks like the Russian president. About Svetlana Krivonogikh, in the papers of the investigation into hidden treasures

A simple student, who paid for her studies also thanks to the job of a waitress, suddenly became a millionaire, with offshore accounts and shares in major banks. And the daughter who mysteriously resembles the head of state in a significant way. Whenever news of hidden assets in the various tax havens comes out, there are always Russian names in the list of beneficiaries. And very often names of people who are somehow related to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Each time, of course, the Kremlin flatly denies it. In some cases they are old childhood friends who accidentally became very skilled and very rich entrepreneurs. In others, we have never heard of people at the top of Russia.

This is the case of Svetlana Krivonogikh, now forty-seven and the mother of an 18-year-old girl, whose name popped up again in the news with the findings of the so-called Pandora Papers, secret papers that would lead to hundreds of world personalities with patrimony prudently hidden in locality. complacent. Svetlana allegedly owns a $ 4 million apartment in Monte Carlo bought in 2003, right after the birth of his daughter Elizaveta, known as Luisa.

The story of this (then) young and beautiful girl from St. Petersburg was told last year by the online newspaper Proekt, which soon after was closed. Svetlana would have known Putin when he was deputy mayor of the city on the Baltic in the 1990s and, of course, he was happily married to Lyudmila who bore him two daughters and then divorced from Vladimir. Krivonogikh was an economics student and, according to the Russian newspaper, had a history with Putin that lasted about ten years. Elizaveta last year was very active on social media, where she posted photos of yacht trips, trips to exotic locations. Proekt had the bad idea (which was perhaps the main cause of the closure) of asking an expert criminologist who specializes in facial recognition for an opinion. And he determined that the girl had 70.4 percent similarity with the Russian president. She herself, interviewed by the gossip magazine GQ in recent months, said: there are many people in Russia who resemble Vladimir Vladimirovich.

The fact is that her mother Svetlana is now a successful businesswoman, owner, it would seem, with assets of 100 million dollars. She is a partner of important acquaintances of the president, has a stake in Rossiya bank, defined by Kremlin critics as Putin’s bank, because it is controlled by oligarchs very close to the president, and Elizaveta is on the right path: she studies management in the field of art and culture. One day he will be able to take over from his mother in the management of the family estate.

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