Covid, when there will be fewer restrictions: Pregliasco’s forecast


“It will be necessary get through the winter to understand what to do in general terms with the third dose. I imagine that it will not be necessary vaccinate us all again, but do it with a vaccination schedule and strategy similar to that of the flu, therefore with annual booster needs for the most vulnerable people and for those who are most exposed ”. He said it Fabrizio I pray at Rotocalco 264, broadcast on Cusano Italia Tv.

After 6 months, the virologist explained, vaccine protection does not reset. “There is a percentage reduction which gives a residual capacity to respond. People who do the serological test to evaluate antibodies should also be reassured. This value must be considered only indicative “.

In fact, this only measures the concentration of antibodies against protein Spike. While generally no cell response tests are performed with neutralizing antibodies. “We see that even with low values however, there is an ability to respond to antibody coverage “.

“We will therefore see if the third dose for everyone, perhaps with an updated vaccine, should a new variant emerge. The new mRna technologies allow easy updating of the preparations, ”he explained.

“We don’t have to worry, but preoccupy us, that is, organize ourselves“Declared Fabrizio Pregliasco. “This pandemic must be seen as the waves of a stone in a pond. The first heavier waves then go down. Now we are still in an intermediate phase ”.

“In the near future we have the problem of winter coming. We know what it’s like to have thermal changes, stay longer locked in the house“, has continued.

There could therefore be a return of the virus despite the current lowering of numbers. “Also this year theinfluenza, which last year, thanks to the stringent measures, was not seen ”.

“There is a need to be ready, to organize from the point of view of protocols and not to let our guard down”. The virologist stressed that “every interpersonal contact it represents a potential risk of infection, even if thanks to vaccines there is protection in terms of serious illness and this must make us stay more serene, but not too much”.

“We still have to try to to convince to vaccinate doubtful people, who do not trust a vaccination, which instead is the element that will make the difference. We already see it now that there is a vaccinated and an unvaccinated pandemic ”. he explained again.

“Overrun this winter, then we will be able to make an assessment with respect to always more freedoms“Said Fabrizio Pregliasco. In the spring, therefore, we could see a relaxation of the current restrictions.

Virgil News | 04-10-2021 11:30

Photo source: ANSA

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