TeleSystem TS 6822 Twin, the digital terrestrial decoder for those who miss the VCR

TeleSystem TS 6822 Twin, the digital terrestrial decoder for those who miss the VCR
TeleSystem TS 6822 Twin, the digital terrestrial decoder for those who miss the VCR

With the advent of the RaiPlay, Infinity Mediaset and Discovery + platforms, there should no longer be many needs to record TV programs to watch them again when desired, but a hard core of users who love this function resists. For them an interesting choice could be the dtt decoder TeleSystem TS 6822 Twin (list price 49.99 euros) which is precisely equipped with dtt double tuner to be able to record one program while watching another, all via an external USB memory to be connected to the front socket of the decoder. Also available on Time Shift in order not to lose a program that has already started. The double tuner greatly affects the selling price and therefore the device is only suitable for those who need to record, even if during the test we observed overall behavior better than the category average.

The decoder has a metal frame and plastic front, the display shows the channel number or the exact time and there are also three physical buttons for direct commands.

On the back panel we find the scart output for old TVs, the HDMI socket and the coaxial digital audio output; always useful the through antenna output to connect other devices. The USB socket for recordings or to play multimedia contents is instead placed directly on the front. Firmware updates are on-air or with USB. The supplied remote control is the usual of the category, economical but all in all also ergonomic; the buttons for immediate and scheduled recording are clearly highlighted. As usual, there are no connection cables and no remote control batteries. Precaution for positioning: choose a well-ventilated place because the decoder gets very hot during use.

Finally a “fast” decoder

While using the TS 6822 we enjoyed a different and better level of performance than other cheaper decoders tried in the past, including those from TeleSystem itself. The first interesting fact is the ignition time of 14 seconds, which may seem like a lot but are in fact few for the category. It takes almost three minutes to search for stations but the sensitivity is excellent and therefore there will be no difficulties with non-flawless antenna systems. The zapping times are normal, with a couple of seconds of waiting when switching to HD channels. The decoder is also CEC compatible if connected via HDMI and then the TV turns on and off in combination. Even HDR is available, useful for playing video files from a USB stick. The picture quality is good, also suitable for Full HD screen TV.

The menu of functions is very accurate, with beautiful graphics that are very clear and full of information. On the other hand, it is a pity that the paper instructions are enclosed in a sheet where only the functions and menus are listed, almost completely ignoring how the recordings can be programmed. The complete manual is only available online. For recordings you can use the dedicated key for direct recording or you can choose the program from the EPG or you can freely set it from the appropriate screen with the option of choosing any recording frequencies (daily, weekly). Inserting a USB key also shows the availability of useful space for the recordings, the latter then have their own item on the menu once archived.

Playback of multimedia files on FAT32 sticks is fast and correct with movies and mp3 music, even large JPEGs are displayed quickly. Teletext is rather slow in loading pages and does not follow the color codes for the categories, on the other hand it has very original and well-readable graphics.

Not just for recording lovers

If you can’t resist the temptation to record and archive your favorite program, the TeleSystem TS 6822 Twin decoder may be for you, performs well and is easy to use. However, the best general characteristics compared to the average could also tempt those who have no interest in recording but want to avoid the cheaper models, especially for those who can take advantage of the TV bonus.

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