the infamous who insulted Koulibaly, the lip truth of Insigne, the Spalletti scam and the unexpected return of Cavani

Zero like nothing. You suck. You, who called Koulibaly monkey, suck. You, in the crosshairs of Kalidou’s proud and proud finger, should sink into your shame. Wall yourselves between the walls of your smallness, which echoes like an eternal nothingness. You suck, you. Worms, hidden in the anonymity of the herd that protects you.

One assist from Zielinski, who plays an obscene game. Obscene. He doesn’t get anything right, he gets all his choices wrong, he floats distractedly in the tide of a match that never sees him take control of the wind. On Rrahmani’s network, Spalletti plays the crafty and scam all the purple defense: “Insigne must go with the right”. Instead he beats Pietro with his left-handed and brushes the sweetest of assists. This tells of the quality of this staff. But, handsome Zielinski, let’s wake up!

Two missed penalties this season, two changes in three days and a reaction that had to be avoided. Insigne gets into the game badly and comes out even worse with that reaction which, however, should not be condemned. It was a desire to fight with the team, for the team. The lip proves it turned to Spalletti ‘Mister, I still had some’. The superlative gloss is by Luciano: “Next time I’ll let him play more”. Fasting all the vultures ready to fight over the episode.

Three points that sweat from that effort that belongs to collective enterprises. This is a team and it is the most important news. Beyond the victories, the goals scored, the enormous qualities of singles. These guys here are all fighting for the same thing, enjoying a goal from a teammate equally, as if it were theirs. It is the great hope for a top championship: to keep this spirit. The true strength of a Spartan always remains the warrior by his side. This is Naples !!!

Four places in the Champions League: Napoli have nine points ahead of fifth. In the euphoria of the moment, it is instead a detail to dwell on, which gives substance to the Italian team’s incredible start to the season. A group that seems to be at ease on any surface, able to adapt to any weather condition, in the style of Sonny Colbrelli at Paris-Roubaix. “Before winning or losing, cycling is answering” Present! “. Napoli is there, and how.

Five in Serie A for Anguissa, again for 90 ‘. It’s like water before coffee: you can’t think of doing without this engine Diesel, which in Florence starts with some uncertainty and then ends up dismissing every attempt as the most severe of tyrants. It ends up consuming you, mentally and physically wearing out the opponents who think they have overcome it and instead find it erected like a wall I issue without permission. An itinerant building abuse in defense of the blue area. Do you remember Dikembe Mutombo who moved his wiper finger at every block? There.

Six months on the bench to age like a good wine. Rahman risked ending up in the meteor galaxy in the Gattuso management, and it would be like forgetting a Giotto painting in the garage. Solid, precise, punctual and also with the vice of scoring: Amir apparently does not seem to have defects and marries perfectly with his teammate. Joints, life is made up of joints. Of particles that combine, stimulate, excite each other. It’s science.

Seven out of seven wins, seven goals from set pieces, seven beauties, seven wonders of the world, seven a Lozano who rummages through the scraps of the match and scores a crucial goal and gets the 2-1 punishment. Seven and Magnificent, not like Fedez’s rhymes on sale, but like the victories that all have a different face. A tribute to the Melting pot, also in the way of taking the three points home. The thousand colors of Naples, wonder in the wonder of the world.

Otto to Osimhen, who turns the goal into an almost marginal issue. Dominates the match without even scoring, dominates it by exploding into space at a speed that is similar to that of light, subjecting the defenders to physical and psychological torture. There is an embarrassing gap between what he can do and what others can do when thrown into empty space, a rage that rages with devastating effects on the opposing defenses. It is storm and rush, it is inexorability that knocks on your door. In the second half he also enrolled in the ‘Tale e what show’ and started playing Cavani, retreating into defense and growling at opponents at the edge of their area Matador-style. He is immense, his horizon and perspectives still to be explored immense.

Nine to Commander KK. There is a point in the race, a traceable moment, in which Kalidou decides not to go any further. It closes all access, rejects with losses any attempt to cross the threshold it has defined. And it is an irrevocable, non-negotiable decision. The extremeization of a power exercised with nobility and elegance, which becomes an overbearing scream in denouncing the wretched who have infamoused it. There is the giant brand of KK in the Tuscan blitz, the technical leader of this Napoli that does not want to stop dreaming. And with a Koulibaly like this, every dream can become legitimate.

Ten to Spalletti. On the night of miracles, the sails made of a thousand sheets and a ship that wants to get lost, to cultivate this dream in private. There is sweat on the wood, there is constant study, the evolutionary tension of those who know that every day they will have to be better to keep up with their teammates. A harmony that echoes in the air like sweet music, a geometry that unfolds on the pitch like a calculation that always gives the right result. A horizon that is crushed, a world that becomes porthole and deforms perception. It amplifies and reduces, multiplies and subtracts without being chained to a mathematical law. It is a boat trip, there is no point in wasting energy in setting a destination. One night of miracles at a time …

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