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What do we know about the plane that crashed in San Donato Milanese

The Pilatus-Pc 12 private tourism plane that crashed into an empty building in San Donato Milanese, southeast of Milan on Sunday at 13.07, killing all 8 people on board, took off less than five minutes first from Linate airport. He was headed to Olbia and fell in via 8 ottobre 2001, a road that commemorates the Linate accident that caused 118 deaths, on the corner with via Marignano, not far from the Eni headquarters in San Donato and the Milanese underground terminus. of the yellow line.

The building, which was to become a bus depot, was under construction; none of the inhabitants of San Donato and those in the area of ​​the accident were injured. Instead, the pilot and the seven passengers who were on board the aircraft, two families, died. The first alarm call to 118 arrived at 13.09.

The National Flight Safety Agency opened an investigation and sent an investigator to the crash site. The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office has instead opened a file for culpable disaster. The prosecutor in charge of the case is Tiziana Siciliano, the same one who is investigating the fire of the Milanese tower Torre del Moro last August 29. The black box has already been found.

Before crashing the plane, which took off in a northerly direction, made two turns to the right, flew over Segrate and the Idroscalo following the route set by the flight plan to reach Olbia airport but then, instead of continuing south, it suddenly turned as if it wanted to head back to Linate. According to what was reconstructed by Corriere della Sera, the men assigned to the radar of the Linate area control center would have asked the pilot if he had swerved to avoid turbulence. The answer would have been a simple “no”. According to what was reconstructed, the plane disappeared from the monitors a minute later, without any request for help.

(Claudio Furlan / LaPresse)

Speaking with the journalists present at the site of the disaster, the Sicilian prosecutor explained that the videos of the surveillance cameras had been acquired that captured the moment, which lasted a few seconds, of the impact. The building was empty because work was underway to use it as a medium and long-distance bus station: on a weekday the workers would be working inside. On the roof of the building there is a crater a couple of meters in diameter while on the facade a gash caused by a wing.

The Pilatus-Pc 12 was built in 2015. It is of Swiss manufacture, a single-engine turboprop used for medium-distance routes and for parachuting activities. The cost is approximately 4 million euros. The aircraft crashed in San Donato had been registered in Romania: during the summer it had shuttled several times between Bucharest and Linate, with some trips to Olbia.

Witnesses said they heard a very loud whistle and then a roar, and saw the plane crash almost vertically into the building. According to some, the aircraft was already on fire at the time of the crash. The reconstruction of the Corriere della Serhe explains that since it started to lose altitude, the plane has come down to 25 meters per second. At the same time the analysis of the track of the speed reported by the Courier service suggests that the pilot tried until the last moment to climb up by accelerating: seven seconds before the crash the aircraft recorded its highest speed, 198 miles per hour, just under 319 kilometers per hour.

(Claudio Furlan / LaPresse)

The plane, which reaches a cruising speed of 480 kilometers per hour and can carry a maximum of ten passengers, had arrived in Milan from Bucharest on 30 September. The owner, who was also the pilot of the aircraft, was called Dan Petrescu, was 67 years old, and was a successful and well-known businessman in his homeland. Having fled to Germany during the last years of Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime, he returned to Romania in 1989 starting a business in the real estate branch. He was a partner of former tennis player Ion Tiriac and Vova Cohn, former owner of Dinamo Bucharest and owned an estimated $ 3 billion worth of companies and properties. He was the owner of numerous buildings in Bucharest, hypermarkets and shopping centers.

Also on the plane was his wife Regina Dorotea Petrescu Balzac, 65, also of Romanian origin but of French citizenship, their son Dan Stefan Petrescu, 30, who was on board with a friend of Canadian origin, Julien Brossard, 36 years old. A family of friends traveled with them: Filippo Nascimbene, 33-year-old from Pavia, manager in a Milanese company, Start Hub Consulting, his wife, Claire Stephanie Caroline Alexadrescu, manager of the French multinational Pernod Ricard, their one-year-old son Raphael and Miruna Anca Wanda Lozinschi, Romanian, mother of Claire Stephanie. The group, after having participated in the baptism of the child in Milan on Sunday morning, had to reach Olbia where, in a family villa, the elderly mother of Dan Petrescu was waiting for them.

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