Cost of methane gas at very high levels, prices never seen before

The price of methane has soared in just a few days, reaching numbers we have never seen before. A great joke for motorists and all those who use this gas as fuel, with the sole aim of saving; a further crisis is expected for the transport sector.

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A sector, together with the automotive sector, which is already experiencing a difficult situation, due to all the consequences that the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown have brought. The alarm today is serious, the cost of methane must return to its levels, there are important balances to monitor. With the month of October, prices have really ‘skyrocketed’, even gas today costs more than both petrol and diesel, it has become the most expensive fuel ever. It seems absurd, but it is so.

CNG transport is a sector that has been chosen for years because it offers a reduced cost of ‘full’. The sudden increase in prices, which for decades have always been stable, has put everything into question in recent days. The great advantage why motorists choose this type of engine is that cars and commercial vehicles can benefit from a full tank with a reduced cost compared to other fuels.

Today this certainty unexpectedly collapses, after years and years. Even the trade associations, in recent days, are in difficulty. There is talk of raw material markets in crisis and prices that suddenly rise to levels never reached. We go to double! That’s right, it went from 1 euro to 2. And today no one is able to confirm what the real cause of this situation is: there are those who speak of strong powers in the world of raw materials and who instead of a crisis of resources . It is not known, what is certain is that today, in Italy, in some refueling stations, the price of methane has gone to 2 euros per kg.

The associations ‘raise their voices’, Federmetano announced that he was already looking for measures to succeed keep prices down. It is obvious that people used to travel on natural gas and therefore to save money, today lose their main advantage, given by the cost of this raw material, which is why the sector is in great turmoil.


Cost methane gas high levels prices

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