Plane crashed in Milan, two Italians on board: what is known

Plane crashed in Milan, two Italians on board: what is known
Plane crashed in Milan, two Italians on board: what is known

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We worked all night, in the light of photoelectric lamps, on the site of the plane crash that yesterday, after take off from Linate, crashed into a building under renovation in via Marignano, in Milan, on the border with San Donato Milanese (Milan), perhaps due to an engine failure. The last firefighters returned to headquarters this morning at 7, while the Scientific Police remain on site for the reliefs and the Local Police to prevent access to the areas involved in the plane crash, which caused 8 deaths, including a child and two Italians.

According to reports from the Local Police, in addition to guarding the area of ​​the crash and fire, and managing the closure of a large stretch of Via Marignano, access to an ATM interchange car park is currently prohibited (the company of Milanese transport) and to part of the large open space where the docks of surface vehicles are located, usually crowded with travelers, which have been moved. The building on which the aircraft crashed, in fact, is located very close to the bus parking area in front of the MM3 San Donato metro.

The Pilatus PC, owned by Dan Petrescu, the 68-year-old owner and pilot – alongside him there were also his 65-year-old wife and 30-year-old son Dan Stefan – soon after he took off he turned into a coffin. With them too an Italian entrepreneur, Filippo Nascimbene, 33-year-old Lombard, with his wife, small son and mother-in-law, who are instead of French nationality. Nascimbene, 33, was of Pavia origin but resident in Milan, and her son Raphael, born in the Lombard capital in 2020. Raphael’s mother and Nascimbene’s wife is Claire Stephanie Caroline Alexandrescou, 34, born in France, on the plane like this like his mother Miruna Anca Wanda Lozinschi, a 65-year-old Romanian with French citizenship.

From what has been reconstructed so far, the problems began a few seconds after take-off and the desperate maneuvers to avoid the crash were of no use. The control tower “followed him up to a certain point and then registered some anomaly in the radar track, but no alarm has gone off on board “, explained the deputy prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano who with the prosecutor Giovanna Cavalleri made an inspection in view of theopening of an investigation for culpable disaster.

In addition to collecting the testimonies of those who witnessed the tragedy, the video of some surveillance cameras of the area. “The moment of impact has been resumed, a few seconds”, continued the magistrate, repeating that it is “too early to speculate” what the cause of the tragedy was. Now investigators and investigators will have to reconstruct the dynamics.

«The impact was devastating, a real explosion», Said Carlo Cardinali, an officer of the Milan fire brigade, among the first to arrive on the spot with the hope of finding someone still alive. Instead all around, in a large fenced area, covered by sheets, what remains of the victims. “The plane – he continued – made a turn”, sudden with respect to the route and therefore whoever piloted it “probably noticed something anomalous”. In those dramatic moments across the street, there are those who saw the plane with “an engine on fire” come “dive down”.

Others spoke of “rumorAnd of “house windows shaking” or of having noticed the Piper “losing control” and disintegrating against the building. “He was short. Then a lot of smoke, the flames. Pieces were flying in the sky, ”said Andrea, 19. «I was very scared – he admitted – Then the police and carabinieri arrived. Fortunately the road was free, there was no one ». “A few meters away would have been enough and it could have been a massacre,” said one man. Still towards evening, in the rain, after a brief inspection also by the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and his colleague from San Donato Andrea Cecchi, civil protection, firefighters, local police, police and carabinieri were at work above all to secure that two-story building where the plane crashed.

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