Who is Sonny Colbrelli, the hero of Paris-Roubaix

The first bike with the points from the supermarket, the extra pounds, the bad grades and the sunrises to work. And grandfather Cesarino. At the roots of a champion with fatigue as a mantra, against everything and everyone

Dirty. In the most sublime moment of his career, Colbrelli was dirty. Like when he came back from the factory and still had to go out on his bicycle, chasing the only crickets he had on his mind. They had called him Sonny, after the detective protagonist of Miami Vice, who arrived on Italian TV in the late Eighties, when the series were still called telefilms. In Casto, a mountain community in the Sabbia valley, in the province of Brescia, with 1,600 inhabitants, the child with the name of a foreigner, however, had come up with the intention of running.


Sonny Colbrelli hero ParisRoubaix

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