Milan turnout at 11 pm, only 37.76% of the voters turned up at the polls –

He was born in 37.68% of the turnout in Milan at 11 pm. In Municipality 1 the lowest result: 34.67%; the highest in Town Hall 3, where it was 40.24%. A figure far below the national average and a collapse from the last administrative elections. On Monday 4 October the polls are open until 3 pm.

The turnout at 19

It was from 31.02% of the turnout in Milan at 7pm. In Municipality 1 the lowest result, 27.66%; the highest in Town Hall 3, of 32.87%. At the previous consultations, in 2016, the turnout at 7 pm in Milan was 42.44%, but we voted in a single day.

The turnout at 12

At 12 noon on Sunday the turnout in Milan was 11.1%. In Municipality 1 the lowest result was recorded: 9.5%. In Town Hall 4, on the other hand, the largest with a percentage of 11.6%. TO Milan and its province the turnout at 12 was 11.46%, in Lombardy 12.53%.

The times to vote

The polling stations will be open again on Monday, from 7 to 15 (possibly, in the event of a ballot, it will be repeated on 17 and 18 October, again on Sunday and Monday, at the same times).

The Milanese called to the polls

The Milanese called to the two-day vote to choose the new mayor are 986,972, plus the 42,260 Aire voters (Italians residing abroad who will have to return to Italy to cast their vote), for a total of 487,653 males and 541,579 females. Between these, almost 60 thousand neo eighteen year olds at their first time (30,132 boys and 28,133 girls).

How to vote

On the ballot, it is possible to vote only for the candidate for mayor, only for the list (in this case the vote will also go to the linked mayoral candidate), for both, and separate voting is also possible, that is, the choice of a candidate for mayor and a list that does not belong to the coalition that supports him. The preferences for the city council can be up to two, only if of different sex.

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