a treasure trove in tax havens, sensational details – Libero Quotidiano

a treasure trove in tax havens, sensational details – Libero Quotidiano
a treasure trove in tax havens, sensational details – Libero Quotidiano

Is called Svetlana Krivonogikh, his name appears in Panama Papers and would be the lover of Vladimir Putin: the woman, a former maid, would have bought a luxurious apartment from 4 million dollars in 2003 in Munich. A period in which, according to rumors, he had a relationship with the Tsar and in which he was accumulating a very suspicious financial treasure and talked about even at home. In some way, in short, although not directly involved, even the Russian president is touched by the new chapter of the international investigation on VIPs (politicians and celebrities from the world of entertainment) and tax havens, with 12 million new files “highly confidential”. From the king of Jordan to the Ukrainian president, from the Dutch minister to African dictators, from Julio Iglesias a Claudia Schiffer. In the documents unearthed by the Icij Investigative Journalists Consortium and anticipated byEspresso which is part of the 150 international newspapers that worked on the survey, there is a bit of everything.

“Five years after the Panama Papers – reads the anticipation of L’Espresso -, a new, even broader international journalistic investigation reveals the riches hidden in tax havens by thousands of powerful people around the world. There are 35 heads of state or government. More than 300 politicians from over ninety nations: ministers, party leaders, parliamentarians. With generals, heads of secret services, public and private managers, bankers, industrialists “.

“The new cards, you call Pandora Papers, document a myriad of very rich deals with the names of the beneficiaries, hitherto kept secret. The list of shareholders shielded by the veil of offshore companies includes the premier of the Czech Republic, the Dutch Minister of Economy, the former head of the British government Tony Blair, the King of Jordan and presidents of countries such as Ukraine, Kenya, Chile, Ecuador. The names of many celebrities from sports, fashion and entertainment stand out on the list. But there are also criminals. Former terrorists. Bankrupts. Drug traffickers. And mafia bosses, including Italians, with their treasurers “.

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treasure trove tax havens sensational details Libero Quotidiano

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