MotoGP / Quartararo: “I haven’t slept for six days” – Moto

“I had a headache and nausea before the start, I hadn’t slept for six days, as soon as I crossed the finish line it was all over”. Fabio Quartararo he is fighting with himself and with his psyche on the path to the World title, a goal that is even closer today. El Diablo surrendered in Austin only to Marc Marquez, but finished in second position ahead of Francesco Bagnaia, returning to +52 with just 75 points to be awarded.

The Yamaha rider passed his rival at the start at the first corner, then glued himself to Marquez and responded to Jorge Martin’s only attack with a truly authoritative braking on the outside: “At that moment I just said to Jorge ‘no, don’t pass’, because my race would have changed negatively. In that lap I pushed like crazy to try to create a bit of a gap between me and the big group behind me, I tried to follow Marquez not so much to play with him, but to detach those who were chasing me. I am truly of this result and of how we have worked, I feel in control of the bike and of myself added to the microphones of Sky Sport MotoGP.

In view of 2022 Quartararo hopes that Yamaha will find some horses: “It’s a big problem and we need a little more power. Without it, it will be difficult to continue aiming for great results, albeit I’m really strong under braking “.



MotoGP Quartararo havent slept days Moto

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