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Virginia Raggi (M5s). “I reapply. Now go ahead with your head held high. Together.” In August 2020, with a post shared on Facebook, the current first citizen of Rome officially reapplied for a new mandate. Elected in 2016, 43 years old, a member of the M5s, the mayor has the full support of the Movement. “Virginia Raggi is giving a new face to Rome” and “the 5-star Movement supports it in a compact way, at all levels” said Giuseppe Conte of her. Five civic lists that support his re-nomination: Roma Decide, Sportivi per Roma, Roma Ecologist, Civic List Virginia Raggi, With Women for Rome. Among the names that took to the field with the mayor, they have already discussed that of Alessandro Bianchi, Minister of Transport in the second Prodi government from 2006 to 2008, and that of Nadia Bengala, Miss Italy in 1988 and valley of Ok the price is right with Iva Zanicchi. Described as “attentive to gender issues”, Bengal has decided to run for the list with women for Rome. “A list made up mostly of women,” said the mayor. “I believe that an important signal has come from civil society, which has understood the change we have brought forward. We can win this challenge” he pointed out. Defining his electoral campaign “head to head. Mine is like Mourinho’s race to the 92nd under the curve. I’m putting my soul and my heart”.

Enrico Michetti (center-right). Enrico Michetti, 55, is the candidate for mayor of Rome for the center-right. Lecturer on an external contract at the University of Cassino, he has the support of the Brothers of Italy, Lega, Forza Italia-Udc, Rinascimento and Cambiamo, the European Liberal Party, the Civic List for Michetti and the Lega. “Rome must start from three fixed points: cleanliness, efficiency and safety,” he said. His program, however, starts from the future of Atac, the transport company in the eye of the storm for the management of the Rays junta: “It must remain publicly owned,” said the center-right candidate, but collaborations are not excluded and industrial participations in the sector because “through a synergy with qualified companies in the sector, such as Ferrovie dello Stato or entities of similar caliber, it is possible to aspire to create a competitive dimension of public transport at national and international level”. And on the moments of confrontation with the other candidates, to whom he did not introduce himself, arousing various controversies, he explained: “I prefer the suburbs to comparisons. My electoral campaign, unlike the other candidates who started much earlier, began only in the summer with August in the middle, and it is therefore evident that in this phase I privilege contact and listening to the problems of citizens “. Among the well-known names that support it, there are those of Regina Profeta and Pippo Franco. Brazilian dancer, born in 1957, Regina Profeta had already been a candidate in the civic list of Francesco Rutelli in 1997, now she is a candidate for the XIV Municipio in the Forza Italia list for Enrico Michetti. Profeta had been involved in the G8 investigation at La Maddalena, and was then acquitted in February 2018. Alongside Michetti, 80-year-old Pippo Franco also takes the field. “I want to revive the culture of Rome – said the popular actor in an interview to the Messenger – because that is my address, I was also a painter and I went to art school. As a councilor I can also be of help. “Pippo Franco’s dream could be the chair of councilor for culture. And he already has clear ideas on what to do:” I would start from multiculturalism, there is no doubt. It is necessary to open up to other cultures, to interface. In Rome all the history of the world is collected, but now it is all vivisected, it is not unified “.

Roberto Gualtieri (center left). Former European parliamentarian, Minister of Economy during the second Conte government, Roberto Gualtieri, 55, is the candidate of the center left. “The first thing I would do as mayor? Clean up Rome. We need to do an extraordinary cleaning of the streets immediately because they have never been so dirty,” he said. Waste is one of the hot topics of the electoral campaign: “If Rome will have a landfill? Today Rome has a landfill: these are its streets. Rome is the landfill,” he said, pointing the finger at the Raggi administration. Its program, however, also includes digital innovation, smart city, digital humanism. Gualtieri is supported by the Democratic Party, PSI, Roma Futura, Europa Verde, Demos, Sinistra Civica Ecologista, Lista Civica Gualtieri Mayor. Alongside the candidate dem took the field Ubaldo Righetti, 59, former footballer, champion of Italy 1982-83 in Niels Liedholm’s Rome.

Carlo Calenda (Action) – “I will run for mayor of Rome: a duty and a great adventure”. So on October 18, 2020 Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, announced his race to the Capitol. “I think that whoever has the opportunity to bring Rome back among the great European capitals has a duty to do so”, he added. A choice, his, which has displaced everyone: the former exponent of the Democratic Party, in fact, was a candidate alone by not participating in the primaries of the center-left. It is supported by the civic list Calenda Mayor. “I did a deeper job than all the candidates. I made a program with 2000 pages very detailed. I have a unique list where 70% are people who are not members of the parties” he pointed out. Adding: “The single list allows you to manage unity. If you have six, seven or eight lists where you find everything and the opposite of everything inside, you will have more candidates who collect votes but, afterwards, you pay for it. The left-wing coalition has from Onorato and Craxi to Caudo and Raimo. After how do you manage? We are trying to do a job that allows, if I win, to govern “.

Rosario Trefiletti (Italy of Values) – Born in 1943, President of Federconsumatori, Trefiletti is the candidate of Italia dei Valori. “I have lived in Rome for 40 years, which I adore. I try every day to defend and expand the rights of my fellow citizens,” he wrote on his Twitter profile.

Elisabetta Canitano (Power to the People) – Gynecologist, 66 years old, Elisabetta Canitano is the candidate of Power to the People. A front-line doctor, “Lisa” is a historic figure in the women’s movement, who has always been a fighter in support of public health and the rights of male and female workers. His goal is “to put the suburbs back at the center of politics, but not with gossip as the governing parties do, but by bringing the inhabitants of Rome directly into the institutions,” he said.

Micaela Quintavalle (Communist Party) – Former Atac driver and former trade unionist, Micaela Quintavalle is the candidate of the Communist Party of Marco Rizzo.

Cristina Cirillo (PCI) – The PCI runs alone and ranks Cristina Cirillo, retired.

Andrea Bernaudo (Italian Liberists) – “We are the only liberal force in the field in Rome”: this is how Andrea Bernaudo, candidate of Italian Liberists, presents his political program. Born in 1970, real estate broker, he founded SOS VAT number. He is not a new face in politics: he was elected, in fact, in the regional council of Lazio with the civic list of Renata Polverini.

Monica Lozzi (Civic Revolution) – Outgoing President of the VII Municipio, Monica Lozzi, 49 years old, is the candidate for mayor of Rome with Civil Revolution. Former M5s, he left the Movement in July last year.

Fabrizio Marrazzo (Gay Party) – Spokesman of the Gay Party for LGBT + rights, Fabrizio Marrazzo is the candidate of the Gay Party. Marrazzo attacked all the political forces in the field: “In 2 years they have not yet been able to abolish the circular mother and father of Salvini, which blocks identity cards for the children of the rainbow families. For us Carlo Calenda, Enrico Letta, Matteo Salvini, Giuseppe Conte are all the same, no one has our rights among the priorities “he said.

Paolo Berdini (Rome Concerns You) – Born in Rome in 1948, he graduated in engineering, according to what is reported on his website, in 1988 he became “secretary of the Roman section of the National Urban Planning Institute: since then he has accompanied practically all the struggles, the reflections, the initiatives to make of this city a public, ecological, inclusive capital “.

Margherita Corrado (Active Rome) – Senator of Crotone, 52 years old, Margherita Corrado is the candidate of Attiva Roma. Last February she made headlines for having been expelled from the 5-star Movement for not voting trust in Mario Draghi.

Fabiola Cenciotti (People of the family) – Airplane pilot, mother of two girls, Fabiola Cenciotti, 51, runs to the Capitol as a candidate by the People of Mario Adinolfi’s family.

Gilberto Trombetta (Reconquer Italy) – Born in 1977, journalist, “I have been in politics since I was in high school. I proudly accepted the candidacy proposal to Reconquer Italy, a party in which I have been active since its foundation, 5 years ago”, he writes on his website.

Luca Teodori (3V Movement – Vaccini we want the truth) – Movement 3V ranks Luca Teodori. National Secretary 3V, Luca Teodori militated politically in the League over twenty years ago.

Giuseppe Cirillo (Party of Good Manners) – Party of Good Manners ranks Giuseppe Cirillo. Campania origins, last year he finished last in the regional ones in Campania.

Francesco Grisolia (Revolutionary Left) – Candidate for mayor for the Revolutionary Left list, Genoese origins, Grisolia is 69 years old.

Gian Luca Gismondi (MIS – Social Idea Movement) – Gian Luca Gismondi is the candidate for mayor of MIS – Movimento Idea Sociale.

Sergio Iacomoni (Roman Historical Movement) – At the helm of the Roman Historical Group, Iacomoni rushes to the appointment of mayor for the Roman Historical Movement – Lista Nerone.

Paolo Oronzo Mogli (Libertas Movement) – Movimento Libertas fielded Paolo Oronzi Mogli.

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