All the guitar world celebrated Gilardino at the Milan Conservatory

Alessandro Gilardino Nicodemi withdraws the certificate of his father’s extraordinary career at the Milan Conservatory

At the 26th International Guitar Conference in Milan, which took place yesterday in the Sala Puccini of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, the 80th anniversary of maestro Angelo Gilardino was also celebrated, with the splendid report – on the music of the great composer and guitarist from Asigliano – by the composer and psychiatrist Kevin Swierkosz-Lenart and the world premiere of Due Songs – Alla sera e Imitazione – for vocal quartet and guitar by Gilardino, touching in their ecstatic, almost mystical beauty (Alberto Mesirca on guitar).

In closing, the painter Alessandro Nicodemi Gilardino, son of Angelo, withdraws the plaque in honor of his father from the hands of the artistic director of the Conference, maestro Frédérik Zigante.

For health reasons, Angelo Gilardino was unable to attend the homage that was reserved for him by the Conference (Julian Bream and Astor Piazzolla were also celebrated with him), but on his very popular Facebook page he published the magnificent certificate withdrawn by his son, simply writing, “Thank you all”.

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