Atalanta-Milan, CM’s report cards: Zapata wakes up late. Kessie dominant, Tonali makes the difference | First page

Atalanta-Milan, CM’s report cards: Zapata wakes up late. Kessie dominant, Tonali makes the difference | First page
Atalanta-Milan, CM’s report cards: Zapata wakes up late. Kessie dominant, Tonali makes the difference | First page

Atalanta-Milan 2-3


Musso 5: after tests from the top of the class, right in the comparison with Maignan, the other candidate for the title of best goalkeeper in the league, he commits a duck by rejecting Calabria’s shot directly on the cleats of the Rossoneri captain.

Djimsiti 5.5: makes Rebic change his mind when it comes to gaining meters in the small area, he always anticipates it and also stands out over Leao, too bad that Hernandez gets lost on the goal.

Demiral 5.5: for a muscle strain in the right hamstring he must put on his shirt and repeat the Champions League test, but they are lights and shadows and his presence is increasingly blurred as the minutes pass (From the 1st Koopmeiners 6: proactive in the median, attentive in defense, towering over Kessie).

Palomino 5,5: late on Calabria in the action of the lightning-goal, he could do more, he takes the measures in the second half, already 2 goals down.

Zappacosta 6: as soon as he starts, Kessie is behind him reading his moves in advance, duels with Hernandez and often comes out the winner. He fights on every ball, gets precious free kicks and a penalty that reopens the match.

the Roon 5.5: the Dutch vice captain is called to ransom after the four days of disqualification (taken against Milan) and some accumulated rust, but he gets a yellow card and does not dominate the fury of the Rossoneri, who launch the attackers from the median. Moved to defense in the second half, he goes better, saved by Saelemaekers’ trio.

Freuler 5: captain of the evening, at the beginning he believes most of all, bypassing Saelemaekers and taking the trident in the area, but then he loses on Tonali’s recovery, making a mockery of the final 0-2. (From 42 ‘st Pasalic 6: two goals are needed, he manages to score one. Good.

Mahle 5: at 1 ‘Calabria greets him and scores, then the balls pass a few times in his part, at 25’ pt he is forced to get up on the trocar after the exit of Pessina but it is not his role and it shows. (From 11 st Muriel 5: he shows up very little, less brilliant than in the Champions League, the break will be useful for him to find himself).

Pessina 6: unfortunate, after a couple of leaps he is landed in the area by Tomori and has to leave the field on a stretcher. (From 24 ‘pt Pezzella 5: struggling to get into the game, fails to steal the balls from the Rossoneri, in defense of Rebic loses, not up to par.

Malinovskyi 5,5: if Tonali hadn’t put on the heel, he would have rejoiced. The Ukrainian tries, but he lacks the usual nastiness. Too imprecise in the lunges, he misses the support in the area. Nice plays but it’s all smoke and no roast. (From 11 ‘st Ilicic 5.5: it was supposed to be his evening, in mid-summer on the other side of the field, instead he is among the Nerazzurri but he does not find the feeling with the Colombians and wastes a lot of balls).

Zapata 6,5: despite the return of Muriel, it is still he who bears all the weight of the attack, he tries with his noggin and foot but he is not aggressive as he should, he does everything right except the last pass and is found offside. In any case, he scored an icy penalty and packaged the assist that for 1 ‘made Atalanta dream, bypassing Messias. Still the best.

All. Gasperini 6: team that wins does not change, the trident is the super run-in but his Goddess immediately concedes too many spaces, then at 23 ‘he is forced to change everything due to the KO of Pessina and inserts Pezzella by moving Maehle high and throwing Koopmeiners in the second half, with de Roon backward. The choice is a gamble but awakens the Goddess, launches Pasalic to try everything and almost succeeds, but it’s too late.


Maignan 7: at least three decisive interventions, extraordinary when he closes the shutter on a racing car from Zapata.

Calabria 7,5: scores the fastest goal of the championship after just 30 ‘going to close a scheme tried in training. Play a game of incredible intensity, always closing on Mahele.

Tomori 7: another sumptuous performance by the English defender who celebrates his call-up to the national team in a big way. To review the closing in the first half on Pessina in the penalty area: a mixture of courage, timing and class.

Dear 7: engages with Zapata one of the most interesting duels of the evening. The Colombian follows up to his penalty area, often looking for an advance. He also uses hard ways to withstand the Atalantine impact.

Hernandez 7,5: a Frecciarossa that plows the field and slices the opponent’s defense. His is the raid from which the goal of the advantage is born. Also perfect in the defensive phase. (from the 35 ‘st Ballo Toure s.v.)

Tonals 8: true master of the midfield. He always comes first on the second balls, plays short and long with quality. He built himself the goal of doubling: ball recovery on Freuler and surgical right for the second personal joy in the league. Mancini took note. (from the 35 ‘st Bennacer sv).

Kessie 7: responds with facts to the many criticisms that had rained on him after the expulsion remedied in the Champions League. He is always in the right place at the right time, retrieves a myriad of balls and unravels various dangerous situations in his own penalty area. Tactically he plays a perfect match.

Saelemaekers 6.5: essential element for Pioli. Perfect understanding with Calabria.

Diaz 6.5: total growth of the Spanish playmaker who tonight is also appreciated for his work without the ball. (from 27 ‘st Messiah 6: a couple of interesting plays, enters the action of the third goal. Then he is unlucky protagonist on the two Atalanta goals)

Lion 7.5: is the real added value of this team. Many were ready to bet on the potential, now he’s putting the right head into it. Realize a goal of rare beauty with right to turn.

Rebić 6.5: he fights for every ball, creates gaps for his teammates and puts a decent quality in the play. Half a vote less for the lost ball that gives Atalanta the goal of hope.

All. Pioli 7: he knows Gasperini well and beats him widely from a tactical point of view. His Milan has a championship pace.

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