A plane crashes in Milan, eight dead

The eight people on board died.

A plane crashes in Via Marignano in Milan, as reported by Giornaledeinavigli.it

A plane crashes in Via Marignano


14.45 There were eight (and no longer six as initially indicated) people on board the aircraft; all deceased. It is a family of French nationality plus the pilot and one crew member. Among the passengers there is also a child.

14.57 The identification of the bodies is in progress. At the moment there are no other people involved in the event

The private flight took off from Linate to Olbia with six passengers on board plus the crew.

The dynamics

The episode occurred around 1pm in Via Marignano, near the San Donato metro station, when the inhabitants of the area distinctly heard a loud hiss followed by a bang. The aircraft crashed into an empty building, currently being renovated, normally used as a bus depot. The building caught fire immediately.

The rescue

Four ambulances arrived promptly on the spot together with the helicopter rescue and a self-medic. Carabinieri and police were also present for the first findings necessary to establish the causes of the tragedy. No survivors among the eight people on board (including pilot).



plane crashes Milan dead

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