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03 October 2021 17:37


Numerous inconveniences in the seats of the capital: in four out of fifteen municipalities the wrong ballots were delivered. Chaos and delays, in some cases even the suspension of the vote and the cancellation of the wrong ballots already ‘voted’. It happened in Torre Spaccata and Settecamini but also in municipalities III and XIV on the day of the electoral appointment that calls over two million Romans to the polls.

In Torre Spaccata handed over the cards of the VI instead of the VII

In some cases the uneasiness began already on the eve of the vote, as in A Torre Spaccata. In the neighborhood close to viale dei Romanisti, shortly after the constitution of the seats on Saturday afternoon, those present realized the mistake: instead of the cards of the VII town hall, the cards of the VI town hall were handed over. Between chaos and indignation, in the evening all the seats had the right ballots. The Torre Spaccata district with the municipal elections is annexed to the VII town hall following a popular initiative launched in 2018 and made official with a vote in the Capitol in January of this year.

Seat closed and ballots canceled at Settecamini

In Settecamini, however, on Sunday morning a polling station was closed and then reopened. After having received about fifty voters, presidents and tellers realized that the gray ballots were wrong: also in this case they referred to another municipality, instead of IV the V. The ballots have been canceled, the minutes and voting operations were suspended until the correct ballots arrived.

Montesacro: wrong ballots at the polling stations

To denounce the inconvenience in Terzo is Christian Raimo, councilor in the III Municipality of Rome, candidate on the list of Giovanni Caudo. On Facebook he wrote: “In several sections of our town hall they sent ballots from another town hall, and they noticed this this morning. The people who came to vote give up and go home. That even the organization of elections is a problem in this city leaves you speechless ”. In some polling stations, ballots with the names of candidates for the 12th town hall were sent.

Cards of the V also to the XV

Other inconveniences at the 2416 seat of the XV town hall: the wrong ballots were also delivered in the Tor di Quinto area, namely those of the V and several missing lists. “In polling station 2337, San Godenzo area, the electoral registers of the men were not present. And they had to advise them to come back after an hour and a half ”, denounced Alessandro Cozza, coordinator of the committee of the candidate for president of the XV Municipality, Daniele Torquati. And again: “Still in the San Godenzo seat, citizens were able to start voting from around 10.45 am. Yesterday evening, however, in sections 2337 and 2338 there were no registers, presidents, tellers and a register of one seat – finally – With the opening of the voting they realized that in two seats the registers of men belonged to another seat “.


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