From water aerobics to golf: 5 gentle sports that tone the body

From water aerobics to golf: 5 gentle sports that tone the body
From water aerobics to golf: 5 gentle sports that tone the body

The bar on the ground, pilates, the bike: these sports activities help to draw the body without stress. The word to the expert

If pushing on tools, with weights and barbells, sweating and overdoing it, exceeding your limits does not make you want to start a business, the hope of being able to start one day is part of the package “good intentions”. You have to adapt to your limits, at your own pace and not to the screams of a trainer in a fitness class. There are activities that, even if soft and not “scream”, still have great benefits and go along with our rhythms. Let’s see which together with Milane Taboada, massage therapist and personal trainer.

This method finds its origin in classical dance. “The goal is to strengthen the core muscles, such as the abdominals and back. The sessions will also be an opportunity to let creativity speak: the exercises are choreographed and there is a real search for aesthetics in movement. The only limitation: the lessons must be taught by a dance teacher: Classic gym trainers are rarely trained in this practice. It’s best to go to a dance studio that has licensed teachers. Two lessons a week guarantee results ”.

“It is ideal when you are looking for true muscle development, the reinforcement of abdominal belt, chest, buttocks, back, pelvic floor. The goal here is to focus energy by seeking amplitude in the movements. Pilates is a good physical preparation for any sport, but it can also be practiced alone with excellent results. Again, appointment twice a week for a session 45-60 minutes produce results in a short time ”.


“Someone defines it as the most complete soft sport. And maybe it is. Far from being an activity for “Fit grandmothers”, is an activity that it is worth practicing thanks to the wide range of exercises. In diving all muscle groups work and this is the great advantage. Not to mention its practical accessibility: age, physical condition, athletic preparation do not matter: anyone can undertake the water activity. Recommended three or four times a week: it is so sweet that you have to practice it often to see visible results ”.

“In the countryside or in the city, the duration of the pedaling is important. “The goal is to go far and not seek performance based on speed. Our body sets the pace: if it requires a break, let’s make it happy. If you are in the mood to become a cyclist, a few tips can help you avoid false starts. The purchase of a comfortable bike is essential, then start with small outings, short routes: the ten kilometers will be the first goal, and it does not matter how long it takes to travel them: time does not matter. At the beginning it is better to favor flat surfaces, otherwise it will be too tiring for the legs. But beware, it is not exactly innocent to go out on a bike: the walk in the open air implies a permanent push that mobilizes in particular glutes and quadriceps. At the end of the ride lo stretching it is mandatory to avoid rigidity “.

Nature, quiet, and a lot of walking on the field. “Without realizing it kilometers are milled in the green even if you proceed slowly, you can safely reach i 10 kilometers. The surfaces of the ground vary: grass, mud, some unevenness: the legs are so much stressed, but not only. The results are seen on the whole body: helps tone the muscles, reduces cholesterol, improves circulation, ensures a moderate calorie consumption, it is a valid ally against all the risks associated with a sedentary life, in addition to the multiple benefits of everything the musculoskeletal system. Without forgetting that, the movement of the swing it involves many muscles: they are set in motion, in a single stroke ben 124. No particular contraindication except in cases of serious pathologies behind the spine or serious heart disease “.

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