Asti, trapped in the sofa bed: 13 year old dies of suffocation

03 October 2021 21:50

At the time of the tragedy, the boy was alone in the house. To find out what had happened was the cousin who had gone to bring him the shopping

The dynamics of the accident still need to be clarified. Maybe a defective spring, maybe a mistake in opening and locking the sofa bed, “of those
with the nets that close like traps “, explain the carabinieri, who intervened on the spot with the firefighters and the 118 health workers in the apartment in via Zangrandi, not far from the center. And now in the condominium the neighbors are desperate for that well-liked thirteen-year-old who attended third grade in the city, where his parents – who have lived and worked in Asti for years – are returning.

To give the alarm the cousin, to whom the boy had been entrusted, as soon as he returned home to do some shopping. When he opened the door he immediately realized that something was wrong, too unreal the silence that fell between the walls that until recently had hosted the young man’s laughter.
“Help, please help me”, the cries that triggered the call to 112. Help was immediate, but for the thirteen year old there was nothing to do: “The sofa bed has turned into his grave”, says a neighbor unable to hide the tears.


Asti trapped sofa bed year dies suffocation

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