Plane crashes over a building in the Milanese area, the 8 people on board died – Lombardy

Plane crashes over a building in the Milanese area, the 8 people on board died – Lombardy
Plane crashes over a building in the Milanese area, the 8 people on board died – Lombardy

A private plane crashed over a building in via Marignano, in San Donato Milanese (Milan) and the eight people on board all died: pilot, co-pilot, five adults and one child. The victims are all foreigners, explained the deputy prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano. The plane had a very violent impact on the roof of the building. The plane had taken off from Linate headed for Olbia.

The plane fell on an empty building under renovation, used as offices and parking for buses. The inhabitants of the area heard a very loud hiss and then an explosion, caused by the impact.

The flames immediately engulfed the two-storey building in via 8 ottobre 2001, at the corner of via Marignano, a few steps from the Eni headquarters in San Donato and from the terminus of the yellow subway in Milan.

The impact was devastating“: explained Carlo Cardinali, an officer of the Milan fire brigade, who immediately rushed to San Donato Milanese (Milan) where a plane crashed into a building.” Currently only one body has been identified “, he added explaining that the plane crashed into the facade of the building.

The National Flight Safety Agency (ANSV) has opened an investigation and ordered the dispatch of an investigator on the spot. According to what the agency has reconstructed so far, “the PC-12 aircraft, identification marks YR-PDV, took off from Linate at 13:04 for Olbia. The plane hit a stable building and caught fire”.

From the first information, the pilot of the Piper was a German citizen and on board, among the passengers, there was also a French citizen. Areu explains that the identification of the bodies is underway.

Among the victims is a rich Romanian real estate developer – Dan Petrescu, owner and pilot of the plane that crashed into a building in San Donato Milanese (Milan) was considered one of the richest men in Romania. He was 68, dual citizenship of Germany and Romania, and was a major investor in the real estate sector in his country. Among the victims, his 30-year-old son, Dan Stefan Petrescu, initially indicated as driving the plane, born in Munich and also with dual citizenship, and his wife, 65, born in Romania with French citizenship. With them 5 other people still to be identified, including the child probably a few years old.


“The plane had a burning engine and it swooped down, no maneuvers were seen, but it just crashed”, so no witnesses who saw the plane crash

“I heard an airplane about to fall, with the propellers stopping, then I felt the windows shake and, like in the movies, I went to the window and saw a column of smoke rise”, says a boy who lives a few tens of meters from the building against which the plane crashed. Around the area, there are still rescuers who are covering the remains of the 8 victims with sheets.

“I saw a plane lose control, I saw it just as it crashed. I saw it swoop down. The plane was low. And then a lot of smoke, flames. In the sky pieces were flying”, is the story by Andrea, 19 years old. “I was very scared – he added – Then the police and carabinieri arrived. Fortunately the road was free, there was no one”.

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