Love is in the air, plots from 4 to 9 October: an unexpected love confession

Love is in the air will continue to emphasize Serkan’s amnesia and Selin’s return to Art Life, as the plots from October 4-9 reveal. Eda will try to help her boyfriend recover his memory, but he, after an unexpected kiss from Yildiz, will ask Selin to marry him. At that point, the girl will decide to forget him. Meanwhile, Atakan’s presence at the studio will cause a fight Feren and Ceren, while Ayfer e Alexander they will keep their history secret so as not to upset Ed.

For their part, Engine and Piril they will discuss the possibility of having a baby, while Selin will have her removed from the apartment Serkan all things about Eda. The latter, shortly after, will go to the boy’s house and will notice that his suitcases are ready and will burst into tears ending up falling asleep on his bed. When she returns, Serkan will find her asleep and ask for Noone if he didn’t point him to the wrong apartment, but when the young woman wakes up the two will fight again.

Love is in the air, weekly plots: Ceren will leave Ferit

Noone, prompted by the advice of Serkan, will make believe Piril not to want a child to push her to do the opposite and will ask for help from Virtue. The latter, as reported by the weekly plots of Love is in the air, will knock on the door of Ayfer e Melek asking for hospitality after winning a bet with Melo E Leyla. Meantime, sea will arrange with Eda, Ceren and Ferit a mini vacation to help Yildiz get distracted, but because of a plan Aydan, Serkan and Selin will also go to the same location.

Afterward, Eda will have a close encounter with Serkan, while Ayfer will date Alexander, but will leave him alone as he will continue to chat with Aydan. At this point, the chef will mistakenly send Mrs Bolat a dinner invitation intended for Ayfer to make up. Aydan, unaware of the misunderstanding, will be flattered. Meanwhile, between Ceren and Ferit, the situation will be very tense and the lawyer, who in the meantime will understand that she loves sea, accuserà Wounded to still be tied to Selin. Eventually, the two will break up and Ceren will confess his love to Deniz, even knowing that he loves Eda. Read also: Love is in the air, Turkish plots: does Serkan fall in love with Eda again?

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