Covid, new death record in Russia. In Israel Green pass postponed because the app that manages the data went haywire

Covid, new death record in Russia. In Israel Green pass postponed because the app that manages the data went haywire
Covid, new death record in Russia. In Israel Green pass postponed because the app that manages the data went haywire

The surge in deaths from Covid in Russia does not stop. Yet another record of daily deaths due to the coronavirus was recorded in the midst of the fourth wave of the epidemic, increased tenfold by the Delta variant and a vaccination campaign full of obstacles. In the last 24 hours, 890 victims have been registered according to data provided by the government. This week, Russia has already broken its daily death record four times. The total number is now 209,918 dead. Infections are on the rise especially in Moscow (4,294) and Saint Petersburg (2,463).
According to the specialized site Gogov, only 29.1% of Russians are fully vaccinated.

There are over five million deaths worldwide from the virus, of which more than 700,000 in the United States alone. The toll continues to worsen from week to week, showing how the coronavirus does not let go of the Delta variant – three times more transmissible and contagious – even though vaccines have stemmed infections. If it took 12 months to reach the first 2.5 million deaths, for the other 2.5 million it took less than eight months, according to Reuters data, according to which an average of 8,000 deaths were recorded last week. for Covid per day around the world, about five per minute. These numbers are frightening especially in light of the availability of vaccines, which is wide at least in developed countries where the debate is focused on the administration of the third dose. The recent wave of Covid with the Delta variant is mainly affecting the unvaccinated in the southern states, where the rate of inoculations is low. In New York, the requirement for state doctors and nurses came into effect, triggering a rush for vaccinations to avoid losing their jobs after failed legal recourse attempts. In fact, the courts so far have not shown themselves to be condescending towards those opposed to the vaccine, rejecting their requests for suspension of the obligation on several occasions. The latest pronouncement in this sense came from Supreme Court: Judge Sonia Sotomayor, assigned to evaluate emergency requests, has rejected the request made by four teachers in New York City to suspend the vaccine requirement against Covid as the confrontation in the courts continues. The obligation started on Friday at 5 pm local time, 11 pm Italian time. Unvaccinated teachers will be suspended without pay when schools reopen on Monday. The boldest attempt in America on vaccinations, however, is that of California, where all students will be obliged as soon as the health authorities have given the final green light for all ages.

in the meantime Israel has postponed the entry into force of the new Green Pass by a few days: the app that manages the data has gone haywire due to the very strong demands of citizens. According to the rules established by the government, the new certification – which allows entry to museums, events and social gatherings (including restaurants) – is given only to those who have taken the third dose, who have taken the second or have recovered in the six previous months. The new rules were decided to push people to vaccinate: the media have estimated that about 1 million Israelis will not be able to have the new Green Pass at present. Meanwhile, all the rates of spread and incidence of Covid infection continue to drop: starting from the seriously ill who have gone from over 700 to 588. “The vaccine – said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett who expressed satisfaction with the decline – save lives “.

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