There is a lady for the Hill, because Moratti undermines Draghi – Il Tempo

There is a lady for the Hill, because Moratti undermines Draghi – Il Tempo
There is a lady for the Hill, because Moratti undermines Draghi – Il Tempo

Luigi Bisignani

03 October 2021

Dear director, it is appropriate to say “cherchez la femme”! A strong pink candidacy for the Quirinale emerges from Milan, just now that Mario Draghi is convincing himself that this is a game that he must take home. And it’s not about Marta Cartabia, Mattarella’s darling, but Letizia Moratti.

The icy lady with a heart of gold, who is not only sitting on a great asset but is also inserted in the fulcrum of the banking and financial power that wants to bet on her: precisely that power of which she knows all the secrets well, having breathed them since as a child by her father Paolo Brichetto Arnaboldi, partisan hero and ras of insurance brokerage and then as an adult, as the second wife of a Moratti who poured on her not only infinite love, but also millions of euros to support her rise in adventures winners and losers for Palazzo Marino and San Patrignano, where for over twenty years he spent every weekend using his personal jet.
Amusing and enlightening was Minister Tremonti’s response to the constant requests for help from Moratti, Minister of Education at the time: “Letizia, this is the government, it’s not your husband.”

Ruthless criticism collected in its numerous public vicissitudes, president of RAI, minister of education and mayor of Milan up to today, the story of vaccines linked to GDP. Several times she found herself on insidious ridges lapped by the conflict of interest in the various positions held in the private sector, among all with the Carlyle group, or for family affinities, when she was president of Ubi for the benefit of the Saras oil company. The conviction of the Court of Auditors constitutes the worst stumbling block that has also rightly hurt her, also due to a slanderous reason: “disinterest in the public interest”. She is counting on a personal relationship with Silvio Berlusconi, who wanted her to be Minister, and now also with Matteo Salvini, who placed her in extremis in the Lombardy Region as Councilor for Health, a role thanks to which she courts all the ministers of the Democratic Party passing under the Madonnina.
However, being a woman of the Milanese upper class does not seem to be a sufficient characteristic to convince Giorgia Meloni to vote for her starting from the fourth ballot. Precisely what Mario Draghi is also aiming at, who is convinced that staying at Palazzo Chigi would become a massacre for him. Also for the many promises made to Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, which hangs on her lips, which risk becoming those of a sailor due to the madness of politics that he is no longer able to govern and for the modesty of his ministers. The Cartabia reform of criminal justice is only a delegated law and the tax reform announced for July is still in the mind of the gods, since Draghi no longer knows how to disguise the revision of the cadastral estimates with the consequent increase in taxes on the house, as well as the competition law. At the same time, discontent towards Minister Andrea Orlando continues to grow in the government, now that the real release of the layoffs is approaching on October 31st, which certainly does not prelude to a beautiful and peaceful Halloween night.

But the litmus test can be found on page 110 of the Update of the Def: two paragraphs, it seems, suggested by the head of the cabinet of the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco, Giuseppe Chinè, councilor of state son of an influential and feared Calabrian Christian Democrat of Bovalino, who cut his teeth with the Northern League player Roberto Calderoli and then with Beatrice Lorenzin and now also wallows in the world of football. There the government’s inability to bring home the works of the Recovery Plan is put in black and white. It is written that for the realization of the 24 lines of investments envisaged, “the adoption of primary and secondary legislation or administrative acts aimed at regulating specific sectors on which the usability of financial resources dedicated to lines of intervention depends” is valid: to say that the works are not made but are drawn only on paper. And, as if that weren’t enough: “The government aims to send the first report on the NRP by January 2022”.

A suspicious and late date, coincidentally just before the quirinalizia deadline. Super Mario will thus be able to present himself to the appointment for the Colle with only all the bureaucratic paperwork in order. And so on, passing through roads, railways, ports and more or less green projects that for the moment are only enriching designers and lawyers. For real investments, whoever lives will see.

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