investigations into river shacks. No navigation on the Tiber –

investigations into river shacks. No navigation on the Tiber –
investigations into river shacks. No navigation on the Tiber –

The next day the scenario under the Iron Bridge was that of a napalm bombing. The bed of the Tiber completely burned, remains of some shacks, from where the firefighters have brought out some gas cylinders. And from here the investigations of the fire investigation unit of the provincial command start together with those of the carabinieri of the Trastevere company, who will carry out an inspection on Sunday together with the Reliefs section of the investigative unit of the Arma. I suspect that it all started from the squatter settlements that rose close to the metal structure, encampments reclaimed several times but then returned as before, hidden in the dense vegetation in these days of summer heat and returned to dryness. The fire affected the part of the bridge overlooking Viale Marconi, the one over Ostiense almost intact.

In short, we investigate across the board to find an explanation for the devastating stake that enveloped the Ponte dell’Industria on Saturday night, the real name of the metal structure, redeveloped in 2013 after another fire in the shacks that had involved the cables on that occasion. electricity. Others there have been further back in time, always linked to the deterioration of the banks of the Tiber. On Saturday night, witnesses saw people flee from the riverbed shortly after the fire began to take hold. There were those who were shouting for help down there, according to the inhabitants of the area. On the spot, rescuers found no charred bodies, so it is assumed that there are no people involved. However, the carabinieri investigate to track down those who lived in those barracks, even with the aid of images from some security cameras aimed at the bridge. Meanwhile, personal effects and furnishings of those who lived outdoors were found, including chairs and tables.

The prosecutor is awaiting the arrival of the first technical report from the investigators to decide whether to open an investigation file, as likely to happen, to shed light on the fire. Among the technical checks there are also tests on some stoves, which were used in clandestine settlements. The reopening is expected to take months, with serious repercussions on traffic.

Among the reactions of public figures, as well as of many ordinary people on social media, also the tweet of David Sassoli, Roman, president of the European Parliament: As a Roman, as an Italian, as a European: a great, very great pain. Rome, he wrote.

Gives Italgas confirmed that in the night, as soon as the alarm went off, the gas pipes were immediately closed downstream and upstream of the bridge to interrupt the flow while the pipes were found to be intact. An italgas spokesperson informs that, from the checks carried out already in the early hours of the morning, the gas pipes that run along the Iron Bridge at Ostiense, promptly isolated by closing the valves upstream and downstream, have not suffered damage from the fire or they fed. The gas distribution service in the area continues regularly and has not been interrupted. The low consumption of these hours makes it possible to do without the contribution of gas coming from closed pipelines

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Fire at the Ponte dell? Industria, the images

The suspicion that the flames were triggered by the explosion of some cylinders used by the homeless for cooking, even if we have to wait for further findings to understand whether it was an accidental or malicious event. Until now, however, no traces of primers have been found (but searches are still ongoing) and of exploded cylinders.

The intense heat caused by the fire certainly weakened the external structures of the bridge, such as the pedestrian walkway and the service pipes. which contained not only three gas pipes but also all the bundles of the district’s electrical connections with optical fiber, wrapped in enormous bands protected by rubber and plastic. And it was precisely this that favored the spread of flames to the point that the bridge was completely enveloped in fire.

But the part reserved for the transit of vehicles held up, and in fact even on Sunday morning the firefighters with the technicians of the companies now engaged in the safety of the systems pass without problems on the road. But it will take weeks for the facility to reopen to the public. Meanwhile, the Harbor Master’s Office has also banned the movement of boats on the Tiber 150 meters before and after from the bridge again for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, from early Sunday morning, dozens of people gathered around the bridge. Many residents of the neighborhood, who on Saturday night realized that something was happening because suddenly the electricity went out and there was a strong smell of gas.It was our symbol, it must be rebuilt immediately. The flames had in fact already damaged the pipes that were on the bridge. To avoid greater risks, the firefighters have ordered the evacuation of three nightclubs located along the road that connects Ostiense and Trastevere, via del Porto Fluviale, now closed to traffic. The repercussions will be felt above all from Monday with the reopening of the offices and from next Wednesday with that of the schools that are currently the seat of polling stations. The municipal police have prepared a series of detours to traffic, including the lines of public transport.

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