“New PDL? Yes, even with Giorgia Meloni” – Libero Quotidiano

“New PDL? Yes, even with Giorgia Meloni” – Libero Quotidiano
“New PDL? Yes, even with Giorgia Meloni” – Libero Quotidiano

Always him. All time Silvio Berlusconi, which does not lose the historic “vice” of indulging in a joke at the polling station, its trademark. And today, on the occasion of the vote for the municipal in Milan, the first public outing for the leader of Forza Italia after eight months, he was no exception.

The Cav voted at the 342 polling station set up in the primary school in via Fratelli Ruffini, in the center of Milan. And intercepted by reporters he said: “I’m fine, absolutely yes. I am waiting for the results of the last exams, which I think are all good, to resume normal activity. It is possible that from next week he will be able to return to Rome, finally after a long time “, he remarked.

Therefore, he explained that he expects “a good result as regards the votes on the party lists. As for the candidates for mayors, we will see, the Milanese will decide“. But the political bomb comes when they ask him if he would make a new PDL:” Yes, why not? You know that the PDL did not end for objective reasons, but ended for the betrayal of one of the components (Gianfranco Fini, ed)”.

And again, he added: “The federation with Matteo Salvini we have not put it aside. We only made it clear to the League that an agreement should be made that would include also Brothers of Italy. So we have to overcome this federation to make a bigger one. “In short, directly from the seat a clear appeal to Giorgia Meloni on the federation of the center-right. Berlusconi’s usual paw.

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