The ‘Iron Bridge’ after the fire: “Rome loses a monument”

“Today for us Romans is a sad day, even more special if you think that we have to go and vote with this image”. There is dismay, but also a lot of sadness among the inhabitants of the Ostiense area who, having heard the news of the fire at the Ponte dell’Industria, better known as the “iron bridge”, have decided to come and see the situation for themselves. Almost a silent pilgrimage in front of a symbol of the area which, as many say, represents the birth of the whole quadrant.

After the fear of what was happening, on the evening of Saturday 3 October, the fear is that it will remain closed for a long time. “I hope that the new administration that will come will realize its importance and that therefore it is the first thing it will intervene on,” says a local resident. But there are also those who express a nostalgic comment: “We were born and raised here, for us it is a monument of the city”.

The bridge is also closed to pedestrian transit while the fire brigade, with the Carabinieri and the local police work to verify its stability.

From the Capitol, they let it be known that the alternative mobility plan is being defined starting tomorrow, Monday 4 October. The first meeting of the Municipal Operations Center convened by the Mayor Virginia Raggi has just ended: gas and electricity services have been restored throughout the area and at the moment there are no inefficiencies for citizens and the restoration activities of the plants of the public service company. The Coc will meet for a second meeting in the afternoon.


Iron Bridge fire Rome loses monument

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