on PlayStation the graphics are different, that’s why

on PlayStation the graphics are different, that’s why
on PlayStation the graphics are different, that’s why

With a few months delay compared to the Xbox Series X version, The Medium has also arrived on PlayStation 5. In this way, even the Sony home users have been able to experience the terrifying events of Marianne, a medium capable of moving in two dimensions in Contemporary.

The folks at Digital Foundry waited for the new edition of the game to be patched properly before side by side the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of The Medium: from the analysis of the English editorial staff it emerged that the differences are quite marked, and go well beyond the implementation of DualSense on Sony’s next-gen console. In bringing The Medium to PlayStation 5, Bloober Team has substantially changed the graphics settings, aiming for reduce the fidelity of ray tracing effects to favor resolution and framerate.

The first thing you notice on PlayStation 5 is the darker image: this is not due to changes in brightness, contrast or gamma, but the removal of the advanced Ambient Occlusion Ray Traced used on Xbox Series X in favor of a poorer Screen Space technique. It is, to all intents and purposes, of a graphical downgrade on the Sony console. Furthermore, on PlayStation 5 the shadow resolution has also been reduced and have been removed light sources which on Xbox Series X had been manually positioned to simulate some aspects of global illumination.

Why did Bloober Team make these graphics cuts on PlayStation 5? According to Digital Foundry, it did this first and foremost to fix one of the problems with the Xbox Series X version, namely the visible drops in resolution. In The Medium, extensive use is made of dynamic resolution, a field in which PS5 has a clear advantage: analyzing 17 different scenes, Digital Foundry has noticed that on Xbox Series X the resolution varies from a minimum of 720p (an anomalous value) to a maximum of 1440p, while on PS5 it remains in a much higher range, i.e. between 1620p and 1728p. In Dual Mode, the flagship of the production, The Medium runs at 972p on Xbox Series X and 1188p on PS5. A visible improvement in image cleanliness is also accompanied by one higher framerate consistency: both versions point to 30fps, ma PS5 did not experience the drops characteristic of the Xbox Series X version.

Ultimately, we can say that Bloober Team has reduced the quality of the visual effects on PlayStation 5 to favor resolution and framerate. More details can be found in the Digital Foundry Video Analysis.


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