WALTER NUDO CRIES FOR HIS CHILDREN / “Happiness? Find out who you really are … “

WALTER NUDO CRIES FOR HIS CHILDREN / “Happiness? Find out who you really are … “
WALTER NUDO CRIES FOR HIS CHILDREN / “Happiness? Find out who you really are … “

The exact moment since his change

Among the best moments in the career of Walter knot, his victory at the Isola dei Famosi by Simona Ventura. A person challenge that helped change him a lot. Seeing each other again, 18 years later, how do you see yourself? “That was a moment where there was a strong awakening. When I got out of there I went around with slippers even in the snow. I went further … “. Then he gave his version of happiness: “Finding out who you really are.”

A year after the bad accident he decided to drop everything and go on a trip. There something new begins in him: “In India the search for my spirit starts”. During this journey he met his guide in different forms: “When we let go we circulate”. A space dedicated to his children contributed to making Walter Nudo cry live: “Many doors open…”. (Updated by Emanuela Longo)

Walter Nudo on Domenica In after the TV stop

Walter knot guest today of the broadcast Sunday In, to tell about herself from Mara Venier. A few months ago he said he was done with television to pursue happiness and it seems he has succeeded. He risked dying three times but in the end he decided to break away from the world of entertainment. Today he writes books and is a new Walter Nudo. “I’m so happy to be back after two years on TV right here with you”, he began, turning to Mara Venier.

“If you don’t learn a lesson, life always brings it back to you a little bit more,” he added, explaining what happened in his life. As you also explained in your latest book, there are signs in life. The reference was in particular to his motorcycle accident about which already the previous day he felt that there was something wrong: “I risked losing my right leg”, he explained talking about the accident on American roads. “The leg is left between the 400-kilo bike and the car, everything shatters. I lost consciousness, when I opened my eyes I realized that I would not get away with little “. The girl ran away and later they found her: “She was angry with me because for her I was the cause of everything”.

Walter Nudo and the change in his life

Walter knot he tried to run after his dreams but when he had everything he was not happy: “I understood that it is not the point of arrival that makes you happy but the path”, he explained. After the accident he had difficult months: he was alone and did not say anything to his children. “I was alone even before,” admitted Mara Venier’s host, who recalled how his ex-wife left.

“I was an actor to get some love from my mom,” he explained. For a variety of reasons, the mother did not want any more children after her brother was born. He had been an unwanted child. Mom Nada is now 87 years old: “When he was born he was of such beauty …”, recalled the woman in an old interview broadcast during the transmission Domenica In. ‘what determines everything. Now the years go by… ”. Today the two see each other quite “but not as much as she would like”.




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