Sinner – Monfils in the final at the Sofia Open: the live result

Sinner – Monfils in the final at the Sofia Open: the live result
Sinner – Monfils in the final at the Sofia Open: the live result
from Gaia Piccardi and Maria Strada

The South Tyrolean successfully defended the title he won a year ago without losing a single set over the course of the tournament. Third success this season for Jannik

The red baron returns to the scene of the crime, and commits another one. TO Sofia, on the fast ATP250 of the capital of Bulgaria where a year ago he had won the first tournament of his career, Jannik Sinner hides the ball as a teacher Gael Monfils as he had already done on the concrete in New York and at the age of twenty he annexes in due set (6-3, 6-4) the fourth title, third this season after Melbourne and Washington, remaining in full swing for the Turin ATP Finals in November.

a final never in the balance, that the Italian takes control from the start, breaking the foul Frenchman already in the second game, 3-0, 4-2, 5-3 canceling two dangerous break points with authority (the first with an infinite exchange that leaves the opponent breathless, sublime athlete), then 6-3: in less than 40 ‘the set it ends up in Sinner’s pocket, who confirms the progress of a precious week to collect points in view of the grand finale of the season. AND the second set doesn’t follow a different script.

Jannik an open construction site, is working on the service (yesterday 93% of points won on the first) to make it more effective (“When with my team we decide on a change we make it immediately, no need to wait”), he feels stronger in his head than a year ago and makes no secret of it ( “That’s my biggest improvement”), maneuver with articulated wrists to find corners with the backhand that send Monfils off the pitch, proud of the faith on his finger after his marriage to Elina Svitolina, recovered from the disastrous 2020 but not enough . The whole repertoire is exhibited by the South Tyrolean: the cross-country shots, already known, but also the dampenings and the net descents. Small champions grow, fast forward. Gerasimov, Duckworth, Krajinovic, Monfils, all beaten without losing a set, seeded number one in the tournament (that is, with the pressure on), conceding just two tie-breaks in four matches. It has been proven that Sinner is worth more than this level. The challenge passes to the Atp 500 and the Master 1000, where the bar is higher.

There is too much Sinner on the pitch for anyone, Sofia does not change boss or address: “Complicated match, high level, but here I feel at home”. With the victory in Bulgaria, the blue number 14 in the ranking takes a step forward towards the Turin goal (having two Italians at the ATP Finals would be the consecration of a very generous season), who will decide at the photo finish in a play-off between Sinner, who has overtaken in the Race the Canadian Auger-Aliassime, the Norwegian Ruud (in the final in San Diego against Norrie) and the Polish Hurkacz, who had beaten Jannik in April in the final of the Master 1000 in Miami and then surrendered to Berrettini in the Wimbledon semifinal. The growth curve of the talent of Sesto Pusteria continues, Sofia Jannik did not exclude the possibility of replaying Next Gen in Milan (Under 21 tournament already won in 2019) if he needed the points for Turin and confirmed that he will accept the call-up to the Davis Cup of the new captain Filippo Volandri (“The past few years was not yet the right time for me, I can’t wait to train with Berrettini and understand some of his secrets but soon to say if we will play double together”), in immediately expected in Indian Wells, where Matteo will make the first tests of the Azzurri team and where the final tightening will be decided for the ATP Finals. That for a boy of 2001, already top-15, would be a huge milestone and for Italian tennis yet another gift of a happy historical period like never before.

Second Set 6-4

6-4 – Sinner now serves for the match and to reconfirm himself in the Sofia tournament, his first success that counts; a long response from Monfils, another free mistake by the Frenchman and an ace sent him to three match-balls; the first the good one.

5-4 – It opens with the ace of Monfils, who with four very effective firsts remains in the game.

5-3 – On his serve Sinner shows again a very effective first ball and closes again keeping the game at zero, tenth consecutive point on his serve.

4-3 – On the serve of Monfils Sinner runs ahead of two 15; Gael also recovers thanks to his fourth ace of the game: 30-30; Monfils then manages to close 40-30, again with 4 consecutive points.

4-2 – Sinner’s 30-0 point is spectacular, a great prolonged exchange that Sinner closes by calling the Frenchman on the net: the latter in a slip sends his recovery to the bottom; Sinner also keeps the game at zero.

3-2 – Monfils keeps the serve at zero closing with a domineering and spectacular smash.

3-1 – Sinner significantly improves the first serve of the Italian tennis player, even if the first double fault of his match arrives; the game reaches the advantages and Jannik closes it with a big ball in the corner to the right of Monfils.

2-1 – Jannik’s streak of consecutive points reaches eight with the first two of the game, all on Gael’s mistake; Monfils still found the equalizer at 30-30 calling Jannik to the net and to make an error; the comeback comes with the closure of the game and the service saved after a difficult start.

2-0 – Sinner serves serene and moves forward up to 40-0 with a powerful, very angled smash; Four serves, four points for him.

1-0 break Sinner– On Monfils’ serve a “yellow” for the first fifteen: the Frenchman’s ball ends up wide in the corridor, Gael argues for a long time with the chair judge but the decision remains; Sinner sprints ahead 30-0; Monfils seems to find himself on the next point, but makes a new mistake and gives Jannik two break points; he cancels the first with a forehand that leads the Italian to error, not the second by committing a gratuitous mistake.

Cousin Set 6-3

6-3 – Now Jannik serves for the set; induces Monfils to three consecutive errors and finds himself three balls to close; the French only manages to cancel the first. In 39 ‘the South Tyrolean wins the first fraction.

5-3 – After just over half an hour of play Monfils serves to stay in the set; an incisive first serve brings the French forward 30-0; Sinner tries to resist but gives up at 15 after the third ace.

5-2 – Sinner resumes service, first 15 a long line which Monfils responds to on the net; the Italian then sends the ball into the corridor for 15-15; he finds himself underneath by sending a cross on the net and for the first time in difficulty in his game; a second serve that was not very effective earned him 15-40 thanks also to the third mistake, a backhand on the net; then comes the comeback on the equal 40 after a very prolonged exchange: canceled two balls of the counterbreak; a straight cross puts him back in the lead and allows him to close.

4-2 – Monfils has a good start on his serve and escapes to 40-15 going down twice to the net; easy then to close the game with his third personal ace.

4-1 – Sinner tries to build the game and by making Monfils run at the baseline, he often leads him to error; ahead 30-0, however, suffers a draw again, as already in the first and third game; the first ace is worth 40 and then he closes the account.

3-1 – After 14 ‘, therefore, Sinner already ahead 3-0; Monfils in the fourth game still makes use of his experience and holds the serve at 15.

3-0 – Sinner forces the game and often forces Monfils to make a mistake: in the third game he runs ahead 30-0; he suffers a draw with his first free mistake – a forehand that slips into the tape; keeps calm and goes back on closing the 4th goal and wins the game with the Frenchman who seems to lose patience.

2-0 break Sinner – Monfils is not upset and during his turn of service he also puts the first ace of this match, his 20 in the tournament, followed by a double foul; a straight that ends in the net along the line is worth the 30-30 for Jannik, who then just sends a crossed lunge to the net; to the advantages the second double foul of the Frenchman, then the break ball – always on a double foul – and the closure with a wide ball.

1-0 – Sinner makes his service debut and secures the first two 15, with a great backhand he goes to 40-15 and closes the first game.

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