so the four favorite candidates closed their campaigns

Virginia Raggi’s show, Carlo Calenda’s muscles, Roberto Gualtieri’s ubiquity, Enrico Michetti’s acting. Thus ended the electoral campaign leading to the vote on Sunday 3 and 4 October. The 4 main challengers have put the point, each in their own way, to these intense weeks of September.

Michetti started in the morning with the whole center-right united. A test of unity in favor of cameras with a location, Spinaceto, suitable for simulating the presence in the suburbs. Lots of cameras and journalists, very few citizens for what was a press point. “I’ve never talked about me so you don’t know who I am,” Michetti said addressing the press. “I am a person with clean hands in 30 years of work”. National leaders projected to the ballot. Meloni: “It will be two tough weeks, Enrico, but I don’t see you tired and I’m happy. We will always be by your side.” “We want a city where there are no Serie A and B citizens. to get to the ballot but also to win “, added the leader of the Brothers of Italy. (here the Spinaceto initiative).

Fifteen squares for the fifteen municipalities for the left and Gualtieri. The center-left mayoral candidate has closed the election campaign in San Basilio. “We close the electoral campaign but we cannot relax, because we will have another two weeks of hard work. We wanted to close the whole city, in all fifteen municipalities, we did not want to meet in one place because Rome must be the city of neighborhoods, in which there are no districts of Serie A and Serie B. A city that decentralizes the competences to the Municipalities, a city that builds proximity policies and a city of everyone and everyone. We are now in the whole city, together , and this is the sign of how we will change and govern Rome “. Alongside the mayoral candidate also the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti: “It is not true that the problems of Rome are unsolvable, if we fight this battle for the city and for Roberto Gualtieri it is because we know of the loneliness and anger of the people and of the immensity of the problems of Rome. It is not true that we just have to cry, we vote Roberto to change and open a new season for Rome, because it is the inability of those who govern to create problems. It will not be easy, because today this city is a nightmare, but we want to look at the problems and give them a solution “, concluded the governor of Lazio” (here the San Basilio event).

To impress Carlo Calenda the most. For him the most complex square challenge, that is Piazza del Popolo, filled beyond all expectations by 5,000 people. I hug him with his wife Violante. A moving montage with clips of films about Rome made by the mother, the director Cristina Comencini, and then a collective dance on stage, with all the candidates and the staff to the tune of “Dancing in the dark” by Bruce Springsteen. So Carlo Calenda: “I pass for bad but so I am moved. When we had to choose the closing square someone said Santi apostoli. Others just wanted a symbolic event. I said no. We fill the square with the people. We win. Because the work. hard always pays “. the images of Piazza del Popolo

The pro Raggi event ended in the late evening. A real show, with the presence of institutional personalities, Di Maio, Fico, the Minister D’Incà, parliamentarians and MEPs, party leader Giuseppe Conte, Beppe Grillo, but also of the personalities of entertainment and civil society who in these years have supported the first town. “Rome can run with Raggi, let’s renew their confidence. Go ahead with courage”, said Conte. “Together we can change Rome, we do it for ourselves and our children, we must have the courage to go forward on this path we have begun”, concluded Virginia Raggi.

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