Nicola meets his mother Patrizia Mirigliani – Big Brother VIP

2 October 2021

Patrizia Mirigliani sees her son again and is moved by telling his story

“Since you were 18 we have fought together a battle that seemed impossible.”

Patrizia Mirigliani is on the catwalk to surprise her son Nicola Pisu.

Patrizia tells the story of her son, linked to drug addiction, and of the day she went to the police to report him: “Today I didn’t come here to tell you about the bad moments so that you can remember them by yourself. We both got rid of a pain. When I went to the police to file a report, I just wanted to save my son from drugs. Today you have understood, know that I always want to fight with you. You have to become a great man. Today there is a thread of hope. I see you that you are changing and I always look at you. You are the most important thing in my life ”.

Nicola is moved when he hears his mother’s words: “I cry for joy. I miss you a lot. Here I get along well with everyone. Thanks for saving my life”.


Nicola meets mother Patrizia Mirigliani Big Brother VIP

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