baby gang robbery of minimarket and attacks the owners

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01 October 2021 16:07


With the strength of the pack they demanded a drink for free, when they refused they first robbed alcohol and then turned their fury against the owner and employee of the targeted convenience store, hitting them with glass bottles. The baby gang made up of four children entered the opera in Piazza della Rovere, between Borgo Pio and Trastevere.

In particular, the four baby criminals, after entering the shop, asked for some bottles of wine. When the operator refused, they took possession of some bottles of alcohol, then tried to escape. The victim, along with his cousin, attempted to block them, but they were both hit with glass bottles.

Immediate intervention by the agents of the State Police of the Trastevere and Borgo police station, which made it possible to block the two minors, 16 and 17 years old, perpetrators of the robbery, then reported for aggravated robbery in competition. The investigations aimed at tracing the two accomplices continue, also thanks to the examination of the images of the video surveillance cameras in the area.


baby gang robbery minimarket attacks owners

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