«It is my present. He saved my life “

«It is my present. He saved my life “
«It is my present. He saved my life “

Piero Neri declares live GFVip all her love for Raffaella Fico: «It is my present. He saved my life. ‘ After the screams in the house comes a bit ‘of docezza. Despite the statements made by the entrepreneur’s ex-girlfriend, the new couple is stainless.

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Piero Neri’s ex-girlfriend, Raffaella Fico’s current partner, gave a very poisonous interview. Signorini shows the fig tree during the direct from Big Brother Vip on Friday evening the interview on Chi in which the woman says that Piero is still in love with her «He told me that he would have liked to marry me and have children. This summer also in Sardinia “

The Fico does not betray any emotion and he replies without problems: «I know about this story, I also know that you had to join him in Sardinia, but there was an episode that I cannot mention. Piero believed it, he tried and tried again but he had to close this story. There are times when we feel a little lonely and we look for people on the other side for company, but it is not love. He spoke very well about it despite everything, but the relationship was already over, in Sardinia he wanted to try again but it was never a stable relationship. I am amazed how this girl has now waited to do the interview ».

For Raffaella, there is a nice surprise in the garden, Piero arrives and makes a beautiful declaration of love to her: “I haven’t seen you for a month, I have the feeling of a first date but with millions of people, it’s not the best but it was there. ‘only possibility”.

Piero does not want to comment on his past history “She has to stay in the past, Raffaella is my present … who wouldn’t marry her? She is giving an incredible test, she is not only a beautiful girl, but she is elegant, delicate, she never says a word out of place, she is a beautiful person. I fell in love immediately, I risked dying, because I was entangled in a rope under the hull, no one had noticed it, only she who saw me and started screaming, I was lifeless. Seven stitches, two cracked ribs. It saved my life».

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