they were celebrating 50 years of marriage

they were celebrating 50 years of marriage
they were celebrating 50 years of marriage

The new honeymoon ends in tragedy: dead instantly. They had left for an “on the road” holiday to celebrate the important milestone of 50 years of marriage. A holiday organized down to the smallest detail: for months, wife and husband had been watching train travel videos to get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary in the best possible way.

That sightseeing tour they had planned should have had several stops, one for each special moment of their life. But fate would have it different for Don and Margie Varnaode. In the last phone call before he died, he had told his colleagues about the beginning of their dream vacation which then unfortunately turned into a drama. “They were in Washington DC – friends told the local press – and they wanted to head west”. The day after that conversation, which took place precisely on September 27, the two died on the Amtrak train that derailed in rural Montana.

Couple dies on holiday for their 50th wedding anniversary

An accident with at least three victims and several injured. This is the balance of the derailment, which took place in northern Montana, between Chicago and Seattle, of the Amtrak passenger train that carried more than 150 people, including Don and Margie Varnadoe. According to the company, 5 wagons derailed around 4pm local time near Joplin, nearly 200 miles north of Helena. “There were about 147 passengers and 13 crew members on the train,” said Kimberly Woods, a spokesperson for the Amtrak.

No details yet on the causes of the incident which Senator Steve Daines called “tragic news”, adding that he is “closely monitoring this situation as details emerge.” After the first news, the number of injured, in addition to 3 confirmed deaths, in the train derailment rose to more than 50. At least 5 trains involved in the railway accident, the causes of which are still unknown. Passengers said they felt strong vibrations during the journey, similar to the turbulence of an airplane.

Like Don and Margie Varnadoe, another couple was also involved in the tragic crash: the young Zachariah Schneider died at the age of 28 while his wife, Rebecca Schneider, survived despite serious injuries. According to the woman who filed a lawsuit against Amtrak and BNSF Railway, they had only been married for 5 years and had decided to take a good vacation together. But even for them it ended in the worst way.


celebrating years marriage

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