“Big Brother Vip 6”, follow the episode live

THE BRUGANELLI-MAGALLI-VOLPE CASE – Alfonso Signorini opens the episode talking about the Bruganelli-Magalli-Volpe case. “Giancarlo went to Verissimo and said that the photo was a provocation and that you wanted it”, starts Signorini, pointing to Bruganelli who defends herself: “He’s taking advantage of it, I don’t think he was expected to be a guest at Verissimo .. . he wanted to have his say “. Adriana however reminds her that in her first version Sonia had sworn that she hadn’t been talked about. La Volpe thus invokes the arrival of Emilio Fede. “You mean what a fool!” Alfonso immediately intervenes. Sonia was “misled”.

ALL AGAINST SOLEIL, CHAOS IN THE HOUSE – After Soleil addressed the girls as “monkeys”, there was an insurrection in the house. The model is accused of being “racist”. In the studio we try to clarify after the apologies. Ainett says that as a child she was a victim of bullies, who kept her away because they were “afraid of being dirty”. Soleil apologizes for the umpteenth time: “The only thing I can answer is to really apologize. I’m mortified. The monkey’s giving was addressed to the whole group”, but after Sonia’s intervention in the house chaos erupts. The cries and screams arrive (from Cipriani to Lulù), so much so that Signorini “silences” the Vippos: “There was no dialogue, it is a sign of rudeness, I understand the discomfort of real problems, I understand everything but precisely because you live discomfort this is an exaggeration, you are never wrong? Soleil said a bullshit, she apologized, but she is not racist. Learn to use your autonomy of thought, without following the likes of social networks “.

THE NEW BOYFRIEND OF THE FICO – Raffaella Fico has been happily engaged to Piero since this summer. “It was love at first sight, it came at a time when I didn’t think I’d feel any more sensations, I wasn’t looking for love and a man …”, says Fico. Signorini shows her the statements of an ex-girlfriend: “This summer he wanted to be with me, he sent me some red roses, he is still in love with me, everyone knows”. “I know about this story, he tried and tried again but then the relationship was already over, he realized he didn’t have the right person by his side, it wasn’t love, it was just a company, he felt alone”, Raffaella replies. Piero enters the house and meets Raffaella in the garden: “That is a past story, Raffaella is my present and my future”.

THE SELASSIE AFFAIR ‘ – Signorini shows the headlines: “The father of the princesses Selassiè is in prison”. “We are not in a courtroom, your father is a recluse, and justice will run its course.” “We love our father, we knew everything, we are proud of him, and we are here to keep his name high,” say the girls. Signorini points out that they have not said it, but the girls defend themselves: “We did it for his privacy, we love and esteem him, he is a generous man”. “We are guaranteed, there are three degrees of judgment …”, underlines Alfonso.

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