Draghi: “Acting on the climate”. And then Greta wand

Draghi: “Acting on the climate”. And then Greta wand
Draghi: “Acting on the climate”. And then Greta wand

Milan. Memory and future. While Roman politics reserves a pitfall and an unknown every day, the Milanese day of Prime Minister Mario Draghi symbolically moved between the Shoah Memorial – with Senator Liliana Segre and the students of a high school in Saronno – and the kermesse dedicated to the environmental prospects of the planet, an event in which – under the benevolent gaze of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella – he met young activists involved in climate change.

Thus, the premier’s visit to Milan opened around 9.30 in the prefecture, where Draghi met Greta Thunberg, the eighteen-year-old now planetary symbol of the battle against global warming, for about half an hour. With her, the Ugandan Vanessa Nakate, new star of the green firmament, and Martina Comparelli, Milanese from Pero, Italian spokesperson for “Fridays for future”, already a candidate for the European Championships with “Possible” by Pippo Civati ​​in the Green Europe list.

«It went very well» Draghi summed up, while his young interlocutors did not hide a certain amount of skepticism: «He agreed with us but it is not enough», «the meeting did not last long. We wished we had more time »commented Martina. Impatience and presumptions typical of the age and of this very mediatic and somewhat unrealistic campaign, as demonstrated by the objective waved in Milan: the exit from all fossil energy sources by 2030.

Arriving at the “Pre Cop 26” plenary session at Mico, Draghi greeted Mattarella affectionately, accompanying the “hello” with a hint of a bow with folded hands. The President of the Republic returned the smile, replying with a “good, thank you”, and holding out his fist, now a recognized alternative to a handshake.

Later, Draghi gave satisfaction to the young people at the plenary session at the Fair, but not without a symbolic pull of the ears to Greta herself, who had opened the three days in Milan with the effect of “bla, bla, bla”, her reproach to the world leaders “guilty” of making – on the climate – only speeches. “Sometimes the blah, blah blah is just a way to hide our inability to perform actions – admonished Draghi in front of a smiling Mattarella under the mask – but when such big transformations are made it is necessary to convince people”.

The morning continued with Mattarella who took part in the inauguration of the academic year at the Bicocca University, and warned against the risks of inaction: “We must take up the challenge of modernity – he warned – we are exiting, we have come out of the phase acute of the pandemic, but this is the time to modernize the country ».

Ideally, at that moment, the two highest offices of the state were drawing a bridge between memory and the future, with Draghi having moved to Platform 21 of the central station, home of the Memorial. To welcome him, the president Roberto Jarach and the senator for life Liliana Segre. «Track 21 was not only a starting point – said Draghi – but also an arrival point, the conclusion of the liberticide drift that preceded the Second World War. With the racial laws, which we should call racist laws, which have opened a new season of discrimination and violence ”. “We must act on the deep roots of racism and anti-Semitism – his invitation – and oppose their violent manifestations, stem every form of denial”.

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