“I noticed something strange and I approached”

01 October 2021 18:42

“When he tried to grab the stroller I screamed”, the man who foiled the crime tells “Afternoon Five”

“I noticed this person giving too much attention to the baby, so I walked over to the stroller and when he grabbed it to take him out of the bar, I screamed.” With these words Mino, the waiter who managed to foil the kidnapping of a nine-month-old girl in a bar in Torino, revives a “Afternoon Five” the excited moments of the story that then led to the arrest of a high school teacher aged 57, with a precedent for attempted murder and being treated at the Psychiatric Department of the Molinette hospital.

“I pulled the stroller on one side and he continued strongly on the other – continues Mino – My concern was that the little girl fell“. According to the reconstruction of the program of Channel 5, the man would have stopped the recommended therapies for some time and in the last few days he would not show up for work.


noticed strange approached

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