Salerno, ghost vaccines to get the green pass: the investigation is triggered

In the province of Salerno, some people would have ended up in the regional vaccine platform without having actually been vaccinated


To evade the obligation to have a green pass, some people in the Salerno area would have been registered in the list of vaccinated people of the Campania Region platform without however receiving the drug. On the episode, as reported by Il Mattino, an investigation was opened by the carabinieri associated with an investigation file opened by the prosecutor of Nocera Inferiore.

Phantom vaccinations: so they would have been called, as the subjects concerned – about fifteen – would not have really received the vaccine. It happened Scafati e Nocera Inferiore, in the province of Salerno, where the same heads of the ASL vaccination center would have noticed the anomaly.

Through cross-checks between the platform data and the paper data, about eighteen more vaccinations would have emerged both in Scafati and Nocera. However, none of the health workers would have given them the vaccine.

How this was possible and who the perpetrators are is still to be verified. Investigators suspect that someone logged into the regional platform using the password of an employee of one of the vaccination centers, illegally entering the names of the people to ensure that they are eligible for obtaining the green certification.

Further checks will have to establish whether these people were actually aware that they were entered in the database and if they had used the green pass without being vaccinated.

Virgil News | 01-10-2021 18:00

Photo source: 123rf

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Salerno ghost vaccines green pass investigation triggered

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