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iGuzzini dismissals, CEO: “All the fault of the pandemic” – Chronicle

iGuzzini dismissals, CEO: “All the fault of the pandemic” – Chronicle
iGuzzini dismissals, CEO: “All the fault of the pandemic” – Chronicle

Macerata, 1 October 2021 – Usa a language technical and schematic Cristiano Venturini, CEO of iGuzzini illuminazione, a leading international company in the architectural lighting sector and part of the Swedish group Fagerhult, in announcing the need for the company to start a dismissal procedure to trade unions, the Region and the Labor Inspectorate collective for 103 employees. Specifically, these are 15 employees from the administrative area, 35 from the sales, marketing and study and research center, 10 from the production, maintenance and quality area, 2 from safety and the environment, 20 from the area technical-design and 21 from the logistics sector, in particular 7 assembly workers, 1 programming, 2 purchases and 11 from warehouses. In total 103 people, dozens of families experiencing moments of great tension.

The focus iGuzzini announces: 103 redundancies. Assembly on 5 October

Its fault of the pandemic, says Venturini in essence, rattling off the company’s accounts that do not meet the forecasts of the “Three-year Business Plan”, drawn up at the end of 2019, which projected on a consolidated turnover in 2021 close to 250 million, with investments and organizational structure already calibrated for that result. “The 2021 data stands, iinstead, highlighting – explains Venturini – negative changes in consolidated turnover, which went from 238 million euros in 2019, to 190 million in 2020 and presumably to 200 million in 2021, thus showing a decrease in turnover in the year 2021, compared to the year 2019, by 16% and 20% compared to the consolidated turnover envisaged in the three-year industrial plan “. There is no longer even room for further recourse to layoffs, but it is necessary” to recalibrate the workforce to the changed market conditions, under penalty of , for the company, economic and financial consequences that are difficult to foresee. The consistent use of the redundancy fund, implemented since March 2020, cannot be extended given the structural situation that the company has now reached, in terms of recessionary results, due to the impossibility of recovering orders and revenues “. there is nothing else to do if you want to “avoid further losses in competitiveness, in addition to those accused”. Nothing else but the assurance that “the employees affected by the provision, if they have the conditions, will benefit from the Naspi indemnity and that there are no additional financial allocations to employees interested in the mobility procedure “.

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iGuzzini dismissals CEO fault pandemic Chronicle

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