Reopening from 26 April: in the “reinforced” yellow zone, dinners in restaurants, sports and outdoor shows

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From 26 April the yellow areas should return, with a “reinforced thriller” and the opening of all catering, sports and entertainment activities in areas with low Covid contagion, but only outdoors. This is what is learned from government sources at the end of the control room at Palazzo Chigi.

The restaurants can also open in the evening but only if in the open air. But, according to what is known, the curfew at 22, in the phase of the new openings, should remain.

From 26 April, schools in the red zone should carry out face-to-face lessons up to the eighth grade and in high school the activity should take place at least 50% in attendance, in the yellow and orange area all schools should be in attendance. Government sources explain this at the end of the control room on Covid, telling that the discussion on this point was very long and articulated in the control room at Palazzo Chigi. The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, will illustrate the decisions taken in the control room at a press conference at 3.30 pm.

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