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Sabrina Ferilli, the spicy detail with Rudy Zerbi: “I really feel it …” – the Democrat

Sabrina Ferilli revealed a spicy detail about Rudy Zerbi that happened during the Tu Si Que Vales show. Here’s what it is.

Sabrina Ferilli is an Italian actress much loved by her audience because of her simplicity and her communicative ability that always expresses with a smile it’s a’ cheerfulness that over time they have made women one of the most desired.

Sabrina Ferilli (WebSource)

Despite her 57 years, the actress has nothing to envy to her younger colleagues, as evidenced by a photo posted on social media this summer where she was immortalized in full shape while relaxing in a bikini. Immediately there was a shower of compliments from many of his followers, including the actress Sandra Milo that praises the woman’s physique especially for her ankles.

Always this summer Sabrina Ferilli was parodied by the young actor and dancer Andrea Piccirillo who on Instagram has published a series of short comic reels where she emulates the actress especially during the fiction The Wings of Life.

His videos have become viral on the web also thanks to the diffusion of these by his creator or the Influencer Daniel Greco (who delights in the role of Ferlli’s interlocutor).

Sabrina Ferilli currently holds the role of president of the popular jury of the new season of You are worth it, alongside Maria De Filippi.

The two are very friendly and spend many moments of private life together where the actress is continually targeted by the jokes on the part of the presenter.

From a sentimental point of view, Sabrina Ferilli has been linked with the lawyer Andrea Perone from 2003 to 2011, and then from 2011 she is married to the manager Flavio Cattaneo.

Sabrina Ferilli: “I’m on your groin …”

Sabrina Ferilli a Tu si Que Vales (Screenshot)

During an episode of the Saturday night show You are worth it, Sabrina Ferilli he scolded Rudy Zerbi.

The two were intent on making a game, and as you can see from the post published later by the man, Ferilli tells him something very ambiguous.

“Rudy see that I’m on your groin“- exclaims the woman -” Really, I can feel it“.

This episode sparked the hilarity of Maria De Filippi and all the other judges of the show as well as of the web users who commented by writing that the Zerbi-Ferilli couple every Saturday give them smiles.

Sabrina Ferilli recently revealed that in life you have to be happy with what you have and always think about what you want.

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Sabrina Ferilli spicy detail Rudy Zerbi feel Democrat

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