Mafia, police maxiblitz in Sicily against the supporters of the fugitive boss Matteo Messina Denaro-

Mafia, police maxiblitz in Sicily against the supporters of the fugitive boss Matteo Messina Denaro-
Mafia, police maxiblitz in Sicily against the supporters of the fugitive boss Matteo Messina Denaro-
from Alessio Ribaudo

The police are carrying out dozens of searches between Palermo and Trapani to disrupt the “network” that allows the Trapani boss of Cosa Nostra Matteo Messina Denaro to be a fugitive since 1993. 150 agents employed, several helicopters and dog units

From 1993 he should be in his cell but Matteo Messina Denaro is not even a shadow. After the arrests of Totò Riina and Bernardo Provenzano, the mafia boss of Castelvetrano, in the Trapani area, is the fugitive who has escaped justice for several years. They looked for him everywhere: not only in Italy. His alleged traces have been reported from Africa to Dubai via Brazil or Holland. He is the only mafia boss of the first magnitude, sentenced to life imprisonment also for the 1992 massacres of Capaci and Via D’Amelio, still at liberty and who, among other things, has never gone to prison. ‘The dry (“The skinny”), he disappeared when he was 31 years old and today he is 59 but there are no mug shots or certain fingerprints of him: so much so that in the media it is reused either an old photo of a boy with aviator glasses or a Photoshop reconstruction of what it might look like today. For this reason, the police, since dawn today, have been busy with over 150 agents in dozens of searches between Trapani and Palermo.

The searches

The aim is to break up the network of connivances that have made it impossible to identify its lairs. In fact, if Matteo has never crossed the door of a prison, the police forces in recent years have already tried to make a scorched earth around him with dozens of arrests that have, among other things, involved not only his associates but also his close relatives and in-laws. In the checks, ordered by the Dda of Palermo, men of the mobile teams of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento, supported by the men of the operational central service and crime prevention departments of Sicily and Calabria who are
beating palm by palm not only Castelvetrano but also Campobello di Mazara, Santa Ninfa, Partanna, Mazara del Vallo, Santa Margherita Belice and Roccamena.


Yesterday, “TG2” showed a video while he was on an off-road vehicle in the countryside of Agrigento in 2009: the latest images of Don Ciccio’s son, found struck by a heart attack on November 30, 1998 when he was wanted by more than eight years in the Castelvetrano countryside. According to the Rai journalist, the images show «a man driving and next to him a balding man with glasses. For the Italian police and the judiciary, the passenger of the blue SUV, the man with glasses, is Matteo Messina Denaro, the last godfather of the Cosa Nostra “

Who is

Matteo Messina Denaro has been wanted exactly since 2 June 1993 when the arrest warrant number 267/93 for four murders was issued against him by the magistrate of the court of Palermo. Three days later, he wrote a letter to his girlfriend of the time to say goodbye before going into hiding: “I don’t know if you understood that in yesterday’s operation by the carabinieri there is also a warrant for my arrest … Anything they have put is only a great infamy, because I am innocent … My ordeal has begun, and at 31 years old, and with a clear conscience, it is not right, neither morally nor humanly … I really hope that God will help me … I don’t even want to think about involving you in this labyrinth from which I do not know how I will get out … It means that this was our destiny. I really sincerely hope that at least you can have luck in life… Don’t think about me anymore, it’s not worth it… With a broken heart. A hug, Matteo ». His criminal caliber stems from his strong bond with Totò Riina and the Corleonesi as evidenced not only by the collaborators of justice but by the head of the leaders himself who tell how he “raised” the young godfather who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the massacres of the 1992 in Capaci and via D’Amelio, where Paolo Borsellino, Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo and the escort agents Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina, Claudio Traina, Antonio Montinaro, Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo were killed . He was also sentenced to life in prison for the 1993 massacres in Florence, Rome and Milan.

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