players kill their characters to travel fast –

players kill their characters to travel fast –
players kill their characters to travel fast –

Some players of New World they are intentionally killing their characters to be able to travel faster in the vast gaming world of the Amazon Games MMO.

In New World, there are no mounts, or “mounts” for friends, thanks to which you can travel quickly from one part of the map to the other. On the other hand, there is a function for the fast travel, but it has limitations. First, it can only be activated at a shrine or settlement. In addition, a certain quantity of the Azoth resource is needed, the cost of which varies based on distance, the faction that controls the territory and the weight of the equipment. Alternatively, fast travel can be used to return to the last inn where check-in was done, but only once per hour.

As Gamespot reports, due to these limitations, some players have now got into the habit of having their character commit suicide rather than wasting time on long treks or wasting resources. In fact, if you die you will automatically return to your base camp (if within 500 meters) or the nearest settlement.

New World, confrontation with a bear

However, dying in New World reduces the durability of players’ equipment and repairs obviously come at a cost. However, it is a sacrifice that apparently many are willing to make in the name of efficiency.

This tricks are obviously the symptom that something in the fast travel system is not working as it should, so it is not excluded that the developers of Amazon Games make some tweaks to the mechanics.

Meanwhile, New World has already reached one million players on day one alone, with Amazon Games promising the arrival of transfers between servers.


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