Covid vaccines, third dose in Tuscany: over 80 and RSA start on Monday – Chronicle

Covid vaccines, third dose in Tuscany: over 80 and RSA start on Monday – Chronicle
Covid vaccines, third dose in Tuscany: over 80 and RSA start on Monday – Chronicle

Florence, 1 October 2021 – While the administration of the third dose to the ‘super fragile’, Tuscany is preparing to vaccinate again even those over 80, together with the guests and staff of the Rsa. Yesterday’s monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation which places our region in fourth place in Italy for vaccination coverage with a third dose of immunocompromised people. The data refers to the week from 22 to 28 September and shows a coverage of 13.7%, lower only than those of Piedmont (26.7%), Molise (17.8%) and Umbria (17.1%). and against a national average of 6.6%.

At the moment, the subjects immunocompromessi who received the third dose in Tuscany are 9,167, out of an estimated total of 25 thousand entitled. In the territory of the Ausl Tuscany Center, or between Florence, Prato and Pistoia, 2,552 third doses were administered. “The overall figure of the people who would be entitled to the third dose is very variable – he explains Andrea Belardinelli, head of digital health and innovation of the Tuscany Region – and difficult to quantify. We started with an estimate of 50 thousand subjects, considering only the pathologies, but we then dropped to about 25 thousand when the ministry circulated the list of immunosuppressive drugs to be considered. These people then have very different situations, which are examined case by case by doctors to evaluate whether or not to proceed with a new administration. “Again on the basis of ministerial indications, it has been clarified that the third dose has nothing to do with the level of antibodies detected, but it is decided by taking into account the pathologies of the subject and the drugs with which he is being treated.

Meanwhile, the Tuscany region prepares to leave also with the administration of the third dose to over 80 and RSAs. This was announced yesterday by the regional health councilor Simone Bezzini, in the Health Commission, indicating next Monday, October 4, as the departure date. An organizational meeting will be held today, but in principle it has already been decided how to proceed. For those over 80, the users who can immediately receive the so-called “dose booster” are not very many, since six months must have passed since the inoculation of the second. Interested parties can contact hubs, pharmacies and general practitioners. Subsequently, vaccination will start with the third dose for social and health personnel, reserved however (at least initially) only for those over 60 years old or in particular frail conditions.
“As for vaccination up to the second dose – explained the commissioner Bezzini – Tuscany is around 80 per center of the total population and not only of those entitled to it. This is a higher average than the national one, in particular for the categories of over 80s and young people. For the age groups from 40 to 70, the average remains higher than the Italian one, but to a lesser extent “.

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