Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna and Naples: here are the 5 challenges in big cities

In recent days, the coalition has not lacked moments of tension with Bernardo who had threatened to resign if the funds for the election campaign promised by the parties had not arrived. At the center of his electoral program there is a traditional theme for the center-right, that of safety, with the hiring of new traffic police, the abolition of Area B, the limited traffic zone that prevents the most polluting cars from entering the city, and a return to the Ecopass of the Moratti era. In Milan, the 5 Star Movement aims to inaugurate a new course with the digital manager Layla Pavone, supported by Giuseppe Conte who hopes to recover consensus in a city where the Five Stars have never achieved great results.

In Turin, the game is open for the post-hanger

After Chiara Appendino’s experience, the pentastellati hope to continue with Valentina Sganga. The center-left wants to recapture the city with Stefano Lo Russo. The center-right feels competitive with the “civic” Paolo Damilano. In short, it is a game to be played in Turin and the ballot is given as very probable.

All the candidates leave from the suburbs, regret of the mayor Appendino who would have liked to do more for those who trusted her five years ago. Starting first, now ten months ago, the entrepreneur of water and wine From Milan, with the Torino Bellissima list, to which parties from the entire center-right have been added. Lo Russo, a professor at the Polytechnic who grew up in the Democratic Party with the vocation of mayor, promises instead to re-tie the threads with the people, those broken five years ago that cost Piero Fassino a second term. Finally, Sganga focuses on continuity, the outgoing group leader of a 5 Star Movement which – he says – has been able to keep up with five very difficult years and now has what it takes to complete the work begun. The other candidates seem relegated to the role of supporting actors, except perhaps for Angelo D’Orsi. The university professor of the coalition of the left is gathering consensus among Turin intellectuals, and beyond, with an electoral campaign made up of cultural meetings and reflections. Even the British director Ken Loach has expressed himself in his favor.

It will be difficult to have a winner in the first round and the focus is on the ballot, especially if it is between the center-right and the center-left. What will become of the five-star votes at that point? The logic of the sides would like them to go to the center-left, but the lack of agreement for the unitary candidate does not play in favor. Appendino, who also would have hoped for that alliance, has never hidden his political dislike for Lo Russo, the protagonist of a fierce opposition in the City Council.

In Bologna, Lepore aims for victory in the first round

Matteo Lepore, a member of the Democratic Party and supported by a large center-left coalition, aims to become mayor of Bologna in the first round. In fact, they are all for him the favors of the election predictions. His main challenger is Fabio Battistini, a civic candidate supported by the center-right parties who has the ambitious goal of trying to drag Lepore to the ballot. A Catholic businessman with no experience in politics, Battistini launched his candidacy months ago, then, almost at the last minute, the center-right parties decided to converge on him in a unified manner.

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