Who is Deborah Iurato and why she sent Ilary Blasi into a tailspin

His name was enough to put Ilary Blasi in trouble. Deborah Iurato it was in fact mentioned during the third episode of Star In The Star and, in particular, from Claudio Amendola. The actor believed, in fact, that the Sicilian artist was hiding under the mask of Lady Gaga, among the most popular of this edition cut ahead of time.

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Deborah Iurato, the amazement of Ilary Blasi

A name pronounced point blank that put the presenter in trouble. Claudio Amendola has perhaps dared a little too much with suppositions, sending Ilary Blasi into a tailspin, who – even if only for a moment – found herself lacking words. “Like?” – exclaimed Blasi a Star in the star – without being able to find the identity of the newly named artist.

It was to remove her from the embarrassment Marcella Bella, who dampened the tension by kindly scolding Amendola to bring him back on the right path: “Claudio, you can’t ask Lady Gaga a question, she can’t answer you”. Freed from the impasse, Ilary Blasi he tried to go back to the identity of the mask: “I have the cosmic emptiness”.

Who is Deborah Iurato of Amici

Deborah Iurato was born in Ragusa on November 21, 1991 and began taking her first steps in music from a very young age. He achieved fame with participation in Friends of Maria De Filippi, which he won in 2014. He has collaborated with artists of the highest level, singing songs written by Fiorella Mannoia (Even if it is winter outside) e Giovanni Caccamo (Alone).

In 2016, he made his debut at the Sanremo Festival, in duet with Caccamo, in Away From Here, piece written by Giuliano Sangiorgi of the Negramaro. Soon after, her second album came out – It’s me again – which followed his first EP Deborah Iurato, issued following participation in the ad Friends of Maria De Filippi. Also in 2016, he participates in Such and Which Show as a competitor.

After thetelevision experience, took a hiatus until 2019, and then resumed her career through the release of several singles. She worked on her album out in late 2021 relentlessly, filling in the gaps with the release of several singles that brought her back to the radio.

Deborah Iurato


Deborah Iurato Ilary Blasi tailspin

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