Fanpage investigation on FdI, Fidanza suspends itself from the party – Politics

Fanpage investigation on FdI, Fidanza suspends itself from the party – Politics
Fanpage investigation on FdI, Fidanza suspends itself from the party – Politics

“After seeing the service packaged last night by Fanpage and broadcast by Piazzapulita, I want to reiterate to my friends, my constituents and those of my entire party that I have never received irregular funding” and that “there is and is not there has never been any extremist, racist or anti-Semitic attitude in me “. This was stated in a note by the head of the delegation of the Brothers of Italy to the European Parliament, Carlo Fidanza. “I consider it appropriate to self-suspend myself from any party role and activity in order to preserve the Brothers of Italy from instrumental attacks”, adds Fidanza.

In the parts of the report “which unfortunately were not broadcast – he underlines – on several occasions I reiterated to the ‘infiltrated journalist’ who claimed to want to contribute to a candidate’s electoral campaign the need to do so in accordance with the procedures established by current legislation. the fact that these further talks were not broadcast speaks volumes about the seriousness of this investigation and helps to give a totally distorted image of me and my political activity “. To protect my reputation, I reserve the right to appeal to civil and criminal justice “.

The investigation – ‘Laundry’ systems to clean up black loans, encounters with explicit racist, fascist and sexist jokes: this is the cross-section that emerges from an investigation carried out by Fanpage, with the system of the insider, an undercover journalist, between members of Fdi in Milan . The journalist, three years ago, pretended to be a businessman who was interested in financing an Italian political group in order to obtain advantages for his business and began dating a group of far-right personalities in Milan. The head, according to the investigation, is Roberto Jonghi Lavarini, known as the “Black Baron”, sentenced to two years for apology for fascism. Through Lavarini, the Fanpage journalist meets Carlo Fidanza, MEP and head of delegation of the Brothers of Italy. Thus a relationship is established that allows the insider to attend the group of Fdi exponents during events and meetings of the electoral campaign for the municipal elections in Milan for which they support the candidacy for the city council of the lawyer Chiara Valcepina. Both ask for funding from the alleged businessman, with whom they are now in confidence: “The methods are: pay into the dedicated current account. If, on the other hand, you need the opposite and it is more convenient for you to be black, you will pay the bar and col black will then cover other expenses “, Fidanza tells the undercover journalist. Javarini, who is deputy to these operations, goes into more detail: The “black baron” explains that he has “a series of washing machines” for campaign financing which he claims to have used several times. During some group meetings, moreover, other things are filmed with the hidden camera: many of the participants do not share, with heavy comments, the choice of the candidate for mayor of the coalition, Luca Bernardo. In the neo-fascist stereotype, jokes about blacks, Jews, migrants and references to Hitler’s speech at Hitler’s Munich brewery fly, as well as sexist comments. And there is also a moment in which Paolo Berizzi, a journalist under guard because he is threatened by the neo-Nazis, is made fun of. The hidden camera then shoots Longhi Javarini, who claims, without mentioning names or circumstances, that he is part of “a transversal group, let’s say esoteric, where there are several Masons. Then there is a whole line of Hitler’s admirers, plus we have our informal information and security service, we have a network of ex-military “. A transversal party organization argues: “We have political contacts within the center-right, not only in the League but also in the Brothers of Italy and even Forza Italia,” he says.

“There can be no space in the parties of the constitutional arch for those who make the Roman salute, praise Hitler and insult blacks and Jews. In the Italy that promulgated the racist laws, as Draghi rightly defined them yesterday, there can be no ambiguity about this”. The president of the Jewish Community of Rome, Ruth Dureghello, writes on twitter.

Melons, I ask to see the whole video – “I officially ask Fanpage to give me the footage of these three years. I am rigid but do not mind if I do not judge my executives on the basis of a video. I have no problem answering, but do not ask me to rate an executive on the basis of a video edited by you and curiously aired two days after the vote. Available to make a decision if real responsibilities, but I ask you for the entire 100-hour film. I have always been clear about honesty and relations with certain circles “. Thus the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni on the investigation published by Fanpage. “I will certainly see Fidanza,” he adds.

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