Weather forecast: weekend with umbrella. Monday day of rains and storms

Weather forecast: weekend with umbrella. Monday day of rains and storms
Weather forecast: weekend with umbrella. Monday day of rains and storms

Rome, 1 October 2021 – The weekend comes and the weather gets worse. The bad news comes from the site, which warns us of the arrival of one Atlantic disturbance. Tomorrow, Saturday 2 October, the atmosphere will begin to destabilize. Thunderstorms will still affect the track recorda, but also the southern reliefs of Walk and those ofAbruzzo. On the rest of the regions the clouds will be more widespread, but with prevailing sun.

On Sunday the approach of a disturbance will gradually worsen the weather. Clouds and rains will begin to affect much of the Northwest and thunderstorms may break out in Liguria. Other showers will then reach the Friuli Venezia Giulia, carried by the Scirocco wind that will blow more and more impetuously on all seas, especially on the Adriatic. Precipitation will also affect the coasts of Tuscany, Lazio and also Umbria. On the rest of Italy, on the other hand, the sun will continue to shine which will, among other things, also favor an increase in daytime temperatures. The disturbance will intensify in the Monday day when half of Italy will find itself under heavy and local rains storms.

But now let’s see more specifically what will the weather be like in Tuscany.

The LaMMA Consortium for Saturday 2 it foresees cloudy weather, with densities initially on the coast and on the islands, and then in the afternoon also in the interior. Possibility of local showers in the morning on the archipelago and on the Grosseto coast; in the afternoon also in the interior, in particular Colline Metallifere, Amiata and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Sunday, it awaits us cloudy weather with local rains in the first part of the day on the coast and in the north-west areas. In the afternoon the possibility of isolated rain showers also on the inland areas. And for the following days? For Monday we must expect increasing cloudiness with rain and local showers in the morning on the north-western areas and on the coast, in extension to the rest of the region in the afternoon, when they are possible temporal scattered. Tuesday, partly cloudy or cloudy with residual rains in the night and new precipitation possible in the evening in the north of the region. Temperatures: the minimum drops slightly.

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